beetroot side effects

Eating beetroot side effects you must know about the side effects of beetroot

Those are the reddish purple in color taproots. Beetroot is also known as table beet, red beet or garden beet. Beetroot contain the high amount of potassium, magnesium, bioflavonoid, iron, vitamin A, B6, C, nitrate etc. You can eat beetroot as a salad and also you can cook it without cracking it skin to retain all the nutrients in it. Juice of beetroot is very helpful to increase energy and boost athletic performances, it also helpful to increase natural development of hormones in body and to reduce the triglyceride level. There are many health benefits of beetroot are available, but here we talk about some unknown Side effects of eating beetroot. As eating something in a limited amount is very beneficial for health, but if you eating something too much then may have some drawback to your body, instead of giving some benefits. You can read some Beetroot side effects.

Top 10 Beetroot side effects or you can say Disadvantage of eating beetroot

Nausea and diarrhea

beetroot side effects

It may cause nausea, stomach upset and diarrhea in some person. A strong take out of beetroot is betaine. Betaine is also responsible for nausea and diarrhea, if you eat beetroot.

Kidney stones

beetroot side effects

Beetroot side effects will also contain problem of kidney stone, because it contain high oxalate, which increase the chances of kidney stone formation in your body. People who suffer from kidney stone they must avoid too much consumption of beetroot, as it may have some negative effects on health.

Reduce the level of Calcium

beetroot side effects

Both beetroot and beetroot juice will reduce the level of calcium in your body and it may cause the various health issues. Low level of calcium can causes some health issue such as bone health problem.

Beetroot side effects on Pregnancy

beetroot side effects

As per the Mayo clinic, it has rating of “C” for the usage at time of pregnancy; it has been experiment on animal and study display that beetroot may has negative impact on growing fetus. Stop eating too much beetroot and limit your beetroot to avoid needless hassles.

Reduce the level of blood pressure

beetroot side effects

It contains amazing property of lowering blood pressure and it is great for patient of high BP. But if you eat beetroot with medication of high BP than it may seriously reduce the blood pressure of your body at times.

Problem with Vocal cord

Beetroot side effects

Consuming beetroot juice may give you tightness feeling in your throat and it may create some difficulty in speaking. It is one of the beetroot side effects of eating too much beetroot juice. This health issue can cure by adding some other vegetable juice in beetroot juice.


beetroot side effects

Other Beetroot side effects are red urine and coloration of blood. This problem is occurring due to overconsumption of beetroot. This health issue of blood coloration is known Bacteria. Some this beetroot side effects may create panic in some person.

Problem of kidney

beetroot side effects

Beetroot side effects may contain some kidney problems. It contains betaine and it raises the level of cholesterol in your body. You must consult with doctor for kidney related problem before eating betaine to reduce complication.

Iron and copper condition

beetroot side effects

It is one of dangers beetroot side effects. If you have problem of hemochromatosis or Wilson health issue they must avoid to eating too much beetroot. It may leads to possible accumulation of copper and iron in body. Hemochromatosis is a condition in which irons is overloading problem is occur in body. And Wilson health issue will not give permission to human body to leave extra copper.

Relaxes blood vessels

It also contain high amount of nitric oxide and it relax the blood vessels as per American Heart Association. It also has property of anti-inflammatory and discourages blood clot formation

Other health issue

After drinking beetroot juice some people may suffer from fever, chills and also get some rashes.



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