Jupiter does not orbit the Sun

Jupiter the 5th Planet does not orbit the Sun

We all known about Jupiter which is one planet in Solar System.Juipter is the 5th planet from the Sun and it is largest planet in the Solar System. It is a very big planet with a mass one thousand that of the sun, but two and half times that of all the other planets in the solar system combined. Jupiter is a gas along with Saturn with the other giant planets, Uranus and Neptune being ice giants. Jupiter was known to astronomers of ancient times. When it showed from Earth, it is visible magnitude of 2.5 and it looks bright enough for its reflected light to cast shadows.

How it works?

We all know a matter of physics and Newton’s gravitation law. When a small object orbits a big object in space then the less massive one doesn’t in fact travel around the larger one in a perfect circle.


In our school we all know that like Earth orbiting around the much larger sun, the center of gravity resides so close to center of the larger object that is the force of his occurrence is minor. The bigger object doesn’t seem to move and the smaller one represents a circle around it.

Jupiter is twice as massive as all other planets. Its orbits a spot above the sun’s surface. This point is known as a ‘BARYCENTER’.The BARYCENTER of Jupiter is  actually lies 1.07 solar radii from the middle of the sun or 7 % of a sun radius above the sun’s surface. The sun orbits the BARYCENTER too. That is in essence how Jupiter and the sun move through space together though the distance and sizes are different. Due to this the sun vibrate/wobble a little bit from its orbit. This vibration is also a way astronomers look for massive exoplanets orbiting other stars. If the astronomers see those starts vibrarions, they know there is probably a planet as big as the Jupiter. So at last we must say that Jupiter is very big. It does not orbit the Sun.


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