What makes the festival of Raksha bandhan so special?

What makes the festival of Raksha bandhan so special?

August is usually marked with the autumn season when the air is quite humid but one can’t just let go the charm of festivity. festival of Raksha bandhan which so aptly celebrates the selfless bond that exists between brothers and sisters. This year celebrate the day with your brother by having some meaningful conversation which you might have never shared for months.

Why is Raksha bandhan So Special ???

Rakhi thread becomes an absolute necessity during the festival of Raksha bandhan. So how about shopping for traditional rakhi threads during the occasion. You can buy zardosi, kundan, mauli and fengshuirakhi amongst others. You can send Rakhi to India or any other international destination with a click of the mouse.

Why love brother the most?

You have had some of the fondest memory with your brother. You have done some of the craziest together, be it plucking mangoes from the neighbour’s garden or watching your favourite cartoon late at night even when your parents have strictly asked you to not to do. You can tell him about all your secret crushes, knowing this fact that it will be safe with them.

A note for your beloved brother

festival of Raksha bandhan

Your Brother has always been a role-model for you after your Dad and what makes him so special is the fact that he has been there for you all the time. More than your Dad, you can simply speak your heart out to him because you very well knew this fact that he will understand because of lesser age difference. So, it is your moral duty to ensure that whenever there is a mistake committed by your younger sister, you knew it very well how to correct and improve upon it. We have come up with some creative things which you can do with your brother to make him feel special.

It’s been a long time since you have done anything together. How about taking your brother you watch a movie which the two of you have been yearning to watch for a very long time. It will allow you to spend time with each other and bring back all the old memories which is attached to the occasion.

After all your brother has always been your partner-in-crime and it is time to celebrate the special bond that you share with your sibling by coming up with special rakhi gifts for the occasion.

You can shop for something which he would like by now, I am sure you might be quite familiar with your brother’s taste. How about going in for online rakhi shopping which will save much of your time and will allow you to pick from a wide variety of options too. Go for mouth-watery sweets, personalized coffee mugs and much more on the occasion.

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