How to select Best longboard for you

How to select Best longboard for you

It is really good news for us that- day by day longboarding is getting more and more popular across the world. The people who love the earth and want to ensure fresh environment should try this great riding as they are totally eco-friendly. However, the problem creates when need to purchase a longboard or Skateboard, we become confused to make the decision to select a perfect skateboard for us. The main reason of facing the hesitation is that- we don’t have any knowledge about the best longboards and its parts. It’s OK because nobody can gather knowledge about everything. I am writing this article for those people who want to know all about a quality longboard. Everyone is think about how choose perfect longboard according to your body shape or How to buy longboard. I think this article will significantly help full for you to choose the best longboard according to your budget, skill level, and boarding style. Because it’s very important to know that what are best longboards for beginner. So here is guide for Langboard buyer.

Before select a longboard you must consider the four important parts of a longboard-

  1. Deck
  2. Trucks
  3. Wheels
  4. Bearings

The main parts of a longboard are described bellow-


How to select Best longboard for you

Longboards come with various size decks with different shapes. Most of the longboards come with Drop-through, Drop-down, and Pintails deck. It is very important to choose a longboard deck. The drop-through and drop-deck longboard’s decks stay closer to the surface. That’s why the board creates a low center of gravity and this action helps riders to get maximum stability and maneuverability on their board. Such kinds of longboards are best for downhill and cruising style.

The pintail longboard is very popular among the city cruisers. These kinds of longboard can give greater speed and good control. So the people who love to cruise around the city or commuting the pintail longboard is perfect for them. For free riders, it’s most important thing to consider that the deck of their board is enough responsive.

The starter to the professional rider, every body’s first choice is drop through longboard. If you’re searching a best longboard for your teenage boy to present his birthday gift, then a medium-size kick tail longboard would be wonderful. As they generally not come with a huge size so it is easy to carry and use even keeping the board in a small school locker.

At the present time most of the longboard deck made of two major components.

  1. Bamboo
  2. Maple

Bamboo Deck

It is flexible, lightweight and durable. Such kinds of longboard are good for rock or crack surface. Almost everybody likes bamboo deck longboards. In this case Sector 9 Bamboo Longboards are the best choice. 4 to 6 bamboo ply deck is perfect for everyone. The perfect deck size is 38-inch to 44- inch for over 13 years rider and 28-inch to 38-inch is ideal for kids.

Maple Deck

Mable the most useful and common component for longboard deck. Hard wood maple is crack resist and environment protected. Maple deck is ideal for high-speed downhill cruising and carving. 6 to 9 ply deck is comfortable for all level riders. The size is same as bamboo deck, I have mentioned above.

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How to select Best longboard for you

The truck is a metallic part of a longboard which helps the deck, bearing, and wheel to keep attached together. How much a longboard is stable or responsive depends on its truck that is used with the longboard, which influences the performance of the riders. A longboard has two trucks. To ensure great performance from your board you must choose a high-quality responsive truck with your board.

Generally, the metallic truck is used with a longboard. But among them, the Aluminum trucks ensure great quality and performance. As aluminum trucks are lightweight and strong. These aluminum trucks ensure maximum strength to withstand any obstacle on the road. Sometimes when riders run their board on any terrain surface or on the hilly road, bumps and crack on the road create vibration and shaking. As being good responsive in nature, the aluminum trucks and high-quality bushing can absorb the vibration from the surface and ensure smooth riding experience.

The parts of quality truck are-

  1. Baseplate
  2. Hanger
  3. Kingpin
  4. Bushing
  5. Axle

The trucks are attached with a longboard with reverse kingpin configuration or standard kingpin configuration. The reverse kingpin truck exposes great responsiveness. These kinds of trucks are suitable for freeride and downhill carving. So these kinds of trucks are suitable for both novice and expert riders. The best longboard always comes with standard kingpin truck. But the standard kingpin trucks are good for cruising and sliding. So depending on your experience and riding style you should choose the trucks quality and configuration.


How to select Best longboard for you

All the longboard you find in the market generally, comes with polyurethane wheels. This polyurethane is very effective materials for using the raw materials of the wheels. Polyurethane wheels are so strong against any obstacle on the road. They remain unchanged in any weather or seasons. Even heat of sunshine can’t damage the shape and size of these wheels. The longboards for starters should choose square shape wheels.

The wheels come with different diameter and shape. The general size of the wheels are-

  • 70x51mm wheels (Most common wheels)
  • 60x45mm wheels
  • 5 9mm wheels
  • 55mm wheels

The shape of a wheel can be round or square. The square wheels can give more stability comparing with round shape wheels. So they are perfect for cruising longboard. The round shape wheels give a better contact surface on the way so they accelerate the speed so faster. That’s why round-shaped wheels are great for downhill carving or free riders.

Durometer Rating is a scaling system. By that rating, we can know how soft or hard the wheel is? Most of the wheels have a hardness of 78A or 82A. The 78A hardness of a wheel means little soft in nature. This kind of wheels can give good grip on the crack surface and ensure smooth riding experience. The higher hardness means great speed and agility. The board comes with soft wheels are perfect for beginning riders and the board provides stiff or hard wheels are the best longboard for experts or free riders.

  1. Bearing

For high-speed rolling, you must need a quality bearing. There are generally two kinds of bearing comes with a longboard- Steel Bearings and Ceramic Bearings. The bearings play an important role in running the wheels and by reducing the friction for providing higher speed.

Steel bearings mainly consist of 7 or 8 steel balls in it. These balls help to turn the wheels and to spread the total mass surroundings. As the steel is a heat conductor matter so the steel balls lose their original shape after using a few months.

On the other hand, the ceramic bearings are made of Silicon Nitride compound, which is smoother and harder than the steel bearings. As they create less friction comparing the steels bearing so it remains unchanged by its first size and serves for a long time. So they have a high price for their best performance in the field of long boarding. The ABEC- 5 or ABEC-7 bearing is suitable for your board.

Final Verdict

Selecting a perfect longboard completely depends on its riders, the surface and riding style. If you want to purchase a longboard for beginning riders, then the Drop-through longboard with standard kingpin configuration is the best longboard for you. The wheels should be common size 70x51mm with a fine grip on the surface so that you can feel comfortable and secure. On the other hand, an expert levels’ rider should select the board comes with Bamboo or maple or bamboo-maple hybrid deck so that it can absorb the vibration from the surface when riding at a high speed. The board should have reverse kingpin trucks and high-quality bearing. They need high-quality trucks, wheels and bearing so that they can run their board so faster and make different tricks with their board.

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