Strangest Foods

Most Strangest Foods in the World

We all eat food to live long and healthier. While you travel many places you taste some of the food which is never tasted by you. All the countries or region of world have their own culture, traditions, languages and their eating habits. There are many strange things around the world is happen. One the them is Strangest Foods. While you read it you shock. Yes there are many Foods which are very strange to eat like, fried brain, sheep’s heads, duck embryos and tons, puffin hearts and drunken shrimp are Most common Strangest Foods in the World. Here we are going to share some information about the Most Famous Strange Food around the World. So let’s have a look….

10 Most Strangest Foods:

Fried Spider:

Strangest Foods

Fried Spider is very famous Strange Food of Cambodia. It is very popular snacks in Skuon town of Cambodia. Foreigners are main the clients for fried spiders in the country. There are many palm size spiders find in the Skuon town. People in this town fried whole spider in oil without separating any body parts of spiders. They used mixtures of salt, garlic paste and chillies for making this dish. So this Strangest Food is become a very famous among visitors in Cambodia.

Fried Brain Sandwiches:

Strangest Foods

Isn’t it strange Fried Brain Sandwiches is a food which people eat. This food is famous in the some parts of USA generally in the Ohio River Valley. This dish is made from sliced claves or pig brains which have been deeply battered and deep fried in oil, this sandwich served with onion pickled or mustard.It is one the Strangest Foods in the USA that you must try at least once.


Strangest Foods

Eggs are very common foods which almost of you eat. Balut the popular food in Philippines is very different from you eat egg. People in Philippines taking a developing duck embryo and then boiling it alive while still in the shell. This food is generally eaten with seasoning of chilly, garlic and vinegar. All the contents of egg are consumed with the visible wings and beak. This Strangest Food is well known street food which is eat with a cold beer. So let’s break, taste and bite Balut.

Casu Marzu:

Strangest Foods

Casu Marzu means a rotten cheese. A Casu Marzu is creamy and soft and traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy. This is made by allowing flies to put egg on the surface of Pecorino cheese that has had the top cut off to allow for easy access. When the eggs produce, the maggot eats through the cheese braking down the fats and softening the usually hard middle. This is very Strangest Foods in Italy.

Bird’s Nest Soup:

Strangest Foods

Birds nest soup is a traditional Chinese food which is very famous since 400 years. People in China believed that by drinking they will get longer life. This dish is highly demand in China. Birds make their nest in dark caves by using their own gummy saliva. According to Chinese believes the bird saliva and small leafs is rich source of required nutrients. It is very expensive dish in China.


Strangest Foods

Escamoles is very Strangest Foods and Weird Food in Mexico. Escamoles are one kind of ant larvae which is very rich nutrient food. This small egg shaped larvae are collected from maguey plants. This food is fried in oil or cooked with butter and other species. This dish price is very high.

Snake wine:

Strangest Foods

According to name snake wine is an alcoholic drink made with snake and rice wine. Most of the snakes are poisonous but thanks to the ethanol make it safe to drink. There are two types of snake wine are there.1st you dip in rice wine and leave it for many months and 2nd you ditch the juice of a directly into the alcohol and take it as a try. It is a traditional part of many local foods in China and Chinese believed that it is good for the health. So it is very Most Strangest Foods in the world.


Strangest Foods

Hakarl is very famous Strange Food of Iceland. This food is made up with meat of Greenland shark. This Strange Sea Food is available in Icelandic super market in whole year. Korea makes this strangest food by cutting down octopus in small pieces and cooked with seed oil and green onion.So try out this Strangest Food once in Life.

Drunken Shrimp:

Strangest Foods

Drunken Shrimp is a very famous dish in China. Shrimp are eaten lively but amazed in a strong juice prior to utilization. This food is also very famous in some parts of US but in US it includes an intermediary steps known as cooking. So it’s very strangest food.


Strangest Foods

Fugu is very famous food of Japan. Fugu is a Japanese puffer fish that contains enough poison to kill 30 people. The person or chef who made this dish must take years of training. It served in strew, grilled or as paper-thin sashimi. If a person who make this dish make any small mistake in preparation could mean end of life of consumer.

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