Sinus Infection Home Remedies

Sinus Infection Home Remedies work effectively 

It is occur when cavities around nose become swollen and inflamed. Medical name of sinus infection is sinusitis. Sinus infection is also occurring through virus and also lasts long other upper respiratory symptoms are gone. Fungus or bacteria can also cause a sinus infection. Other causes of sinus infection are allergies, nasal polyps, tooth infection and deviated septum. People who suffer from sinus infection they all are wants to Relieve Sinus Infection and think about How to Relieve Sinus Infection. So here we provide information about Sinus Infection Home Remedies. There are many home remedies for sinus infection are available, but here is Top 10 Sinus Infection Home Remedies.

Sinus Infection Home Remedies are turmeric, onion, garlic, ginger, Organic apple cider vinegar,  Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper,  Horseradish, Oregano oil, Herbal tea, Grapes, eucalyptus oil, saline spray etc.

Top 10 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

If this technique will not give you desired output, then you can take this home remedies to reduce Sinus Infection.

Organic apple cider vinegar

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

First make mixture of 8 oz of warm water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider and 1 tablespoon of honey and consume this mixture or you can consume 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 3 times per day. Sinus infection will be relieved within some day. It is very effective Home Remedies to remove sinus infection.

Lemon Juice

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

Lemon is the great source of vitamin C which is very helpful to reduce sinus infection. You can mix Lemon juice with water in order to reduce sore throat, which is related to sinus infection. It is one of the best Sinus Infection Home Remedies.  

Steam Water

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

You can also make mixture of half cup of water and half cup of apple cider vinegar, heat this mixture and breathe in the steam, but be sure that your mouth and eyes must be closed. It is one oldest Sinus Infection Home Remedies and repeats it for week.


Sinus Infection Home Remedies

Onion contains sulphur compounds which fight bacteria and fungi. You can take pot of water and add chop onion. Now boil it for five minutes and inhale the vapors for few minutes. You can also strain the liquid and drink it. Onion is the one of the Best Sinus Infection Home Remedies.


Sinus Infection Home Remedies

It contains curcumin that can improve anti-inflammatory characteristics of this plant. You can add little turmeric in your meals; it is very helpful to Relieve Sinus Infection and also treats nasal inflammation which causes blockage of sinuses.


Sinus Infection Home Remedies

Garlic is one of the most common Sinus Infection Home Remedies. Garlic small is very helpful to fight the staph infection by since it has substance which can help to remove some bacteria, viruses and fungi. You can boil cup of water and add light crush garlic in water. Then cover casserole so stream cannot go out and inhale the stream.

Cayenne Pepper

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

It is most effective Sinus Infection Home Remedies, it open up and drain sinuses and help to improve immunity, reduce swelling and inflammation. Cayenne pepper will also improve circulation. You can mix one tbsp cayenne pepper in cup of hot water. Drink two or three times a day.

Oregano oil

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

It is very expensive than other remedies. You can consume it or heat this oil and breathe in steam. It is very helpful to clean up congested sinuses. Oregano oil is work as great antioxidant and immune booster. You can take one half cup of boil water and put some drops of oil than inhale stream to clear congestion and open up sinuses. This is most effective natural remedies for sinus infection.


Sinus Infection Home Remedies

It is one of the most popular Sinus Infection Home Remedies. It will help to remove mucus from nasal passages. It also contain high amount of sulphur and works as a natural antibiotic. You can put fresh grated pinch horseradish in your mouth and hold it in mouth until its flavour dissipates and then swallow it.

Nasal Saline rinse

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

It is uncomfortable to clean nasal congestion, but many people use saline rinse to reduce Sinus Infection. Make mixture of quarter teaspoon of sea salt, and cup of warm water. Pour mixture on nostril and out from other in order to clean sinuses. If you use saline rinse first time then must read and follow all instruction which is writing on package or ask someone use this. It is the best Natural way to treat sinus infection.

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