Should we use Sandwiches as our diet

Should we use Sandwiches as our diet?

When anyone talks about sandwich then some of us mouth is full of water. Sandwich is very famous foods among youth. We all love eat and make sandwich because it is easily cook and it do not take more time to prepare. Generally we prefer sandwich in our lunch. We know the sandwich is the Healthy Lunch item. But is it true? No it’s not true. Sandwich is harmful for our diet. But How its Harmful for us?  Here we give the details about the How sandwich is harmful to your diet?

Many people daily eat sandwich as their breakfast and their diet food. According to study half of an American eat sandwich daily, but it is unhealthy diet.

According to study the People who ate sandwiches addicted almost 100 or more calories, compared to the days when they didn’t eat sandwiches.

We all know Sandwich is the American Food which consumes high calories.

The researchers found that 53% of the contributor ate a sandwich on any given day. Generally sandwiches are filled with mayo, meat, sauces and many other unhealthy foods.

The researchers suggest that people should concentration to the diet content of their sandwiches. “Sandwich consumers are advice to carefully calculate the calories and nutrient content of sandwiches in order to make informed and more helpful dietary choices.

Should we use Sandwich as our diet

Now a day, the Sandwich is the very necessary snacks in all world. Many different types of sandwiches are making in the world.

The founders then looked at people who reported eating a sandwich on just one of the two survey days. They notice that on the days when people ate sandwiches, they addicted an extra 99 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 268 grams of sodium and 3 grams of sugar, on average, related to the days when they didn’t eat sandwiches.

When people ate sandwiches, they also addicted few fruit and vegetables on the days when they ate sandwiches, compare to the days when they didn’t eat sandwiches.

It’s really possible that people may misjudge how many calories are in their sandwich.

Teens who ate the fast food chain subway, which sells sandwiches, take too lightly how many calories were in their meal which is about to 500 calories, on average.

Some of us love to eat sandwich. So what about health. Here we give options. There are many types of sandwich which is really healthy for our diet. So let’s have a look tips for the healthy sandwiches:

  • If possible you make your own sandwich, so you have more control over goes in it.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet
  • Choose the Wheat Bread, Whole grain bread etc.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet
  • Add more leafy veggies.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet
  • Don’t add more Meat.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet
  • Use bread with no salt added.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet
  • Avoid using stuffing like mayo and other sauces.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet
  • Avoid adding processed meat, because it is typically high in fat and sodium.

    Should we use Sandwich as our diet

So follow this types of healthy sandwiches for good and healthier diet. If you are very health conscious then you must try out this healthy sandwich and do not worry about your weight gain problem.

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