Pros and Cons of Sex Education in Schools

Pros and Cons of Sex Education in Schools and college

Sex Education in school is very controversial issues in education system. It is not just about sex, it also contain other issue such as sexual health, sexual reproduction, sexuality and other issue that parents cannot talk with their child. Sexual Education in schools is taken as recreational course than serious. Public school can teach lots of pros and cons of sex education. School and college take very vital role to give effective sex education to growing children. Some people argue that sex education is important to decrease negative outcomes from sexual behavior, to control sexual-transmitted health issue like HIV and AIDS and most important give proper information about sex for children. So here we discuss about Sex Education in school good or bad for student.

Pros and Cons of Sexual Education in Schools and college

Pros of sex Education in school

Pros and Cons of Sex Education in Schools
  • It can help children understand the impact of sex in their lives.
  • Children get answer of all questions which they have such as changing body and hormonal surges.
  • Children can be made aware about difference between good and bed touch, Education of sex in school play important role in reducing the child abuse incidence.
  • It helps to transforms children into responsible and good adults, which one of the best advantage of sexual education in school.
  • It helps children to understand the benefits of abstinence in early year and also teach them how to be responsible sexually active people.
  • Proper knowledge of sexual education can become a normal and ongoing human Anatomy & Biology complete with tests and grading which goes nearer to graduation recognition.
  • The course can dismiss the mythology of sex such cannot get pregnant in first time sex.
  • Children get proper and correct knowledge of reproductive system of sexually transmitted health issue and contraception birth rather than “Street slang” from their teachers.

Cons of sex education in schools

Pros and Cons of Sex Education in Schools
  • People only see sex education as “recreational” course, not a serious issue.
  • Attitude of educators, religious leaders and parents in community can create the matters which differ from school to school or state to state.
  • Student may get embarrassment or excited by this subject. If student make inappropriate comments or take laugh, then classrooms may become out of control.
  • All most all the school only teach sexual education as short interlude in physical education or health class, which is not sufficient time to speak about effective to serious material.
  • Some time teachers are not highly trained to teach sexual education to student, which can violate their own viewpoint or morals on subject instead of continuing with facts and it have negative impact of sex education on student.
  • It can odd with religious ideologies. These inequality are sorted out by someone, who is aware of two ideologies, sex education at school can become more confusing for student. It is a most common disadvantage of sex education in school.

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