Most Popular places to have sex

8 Most Popular places to have sex

Sex is one the most important activity in our life. The reality of sex is that some people have it, some people don’t, some people have lots of it, some people have little of it and life doesn’t revolve around avoiding it or chasing it. The reality is that there is no such thing as “normal” sex life, even though sex in and of itself is a normal part of life. Generally we do sex in our bedroom or on bed. But other than bedroom there are many places like, in car, parking lot, in bathroom and many more where people do sex.Sex do various places feel very good experience and very good experiment. So here we give some of the Craziest places to have Sex which make you even hotter. So let’s have a look…

Places to have Sex:

In a car:

Most Popular places to have sex

Sex in car is very good and one of the Craziest places to have Sex in public.Sex while driving is very risky and it is rule breaking act. So if want you want do sex in car then park your car in safe and distant place. You can do sex in back seat of car also. If you are really feeling adventurous then go forward and hop onto your man’s lap in the driver seat.

In the Shower:

Most Popular places to have sex

We all do sex in the shower at least one time. Having sex in is very good experience.Sex in shower is one of the safe places to have Sex which get wet and wild in shower.Sex in shower is make you more hotter and you enjoy sex also.

At a hotel:

Most Popular places to have sex

Sex in hotel is wonderful because there is not any clean up. If you and your partner want to some change then rent a hotel room for one night. The hotel room experience is just a great way to get your fantasies fulfilled and have fun. If you want a little wild then do sex on a private hotel balcony. hotel is really Amazing places to have Sex.

In a Movie Theatre:

Most Popular places to have sex

Some of us do sex in a movie theatre while watching movie. Movie theatres have always been a famous place for teenager for sex.While watching movie and some intimate scene in movie we all feel excite and do sex in movie. So Theatre is very good places to have Sex.

In an office:

Most Popular places to have sex

We all have some sort of sexual desire, but some of us are brave enough to act on it.Bathrooms,private offices and conference rooms are all great for forbidden sex,if you are sure your boss is not around. If you have private office then it doesn’t matter. But if don’t have privet office then find room that is private for you and your partner. Office is also one the Craziest places to have Sex.

On a rooftop:

Most Popular places to have sex

Many of us confess to having a romantic encounter on a rooftop. This type of date can actually be pretty and private. But you get the same adrenaline rush as having sex in a public place. For some real romance you bring a blanket and picnic basket and then get it on under the stars. Before does sex on roof be sure that you keep safe distance from the edge and you do not want the date to end in an emergency room. So roof is dangerous but very good places to have Sex.

On the Beach:

Most Popular places to have sex

Beach sex is very romantic which can help women really get in the mood. Women sometimes need the right atmosphere. It is maybe best to leave a towel down on the sand to avoid it from getting into tricky areas. And stick to getting busy on land, since salt water can really dry out the skin in your rear parts. So Beach is the Most Popular places to have Sex.

On a Boat:

Most Popular places to have sex

The middle of a lake or the ocean could be very wild place to have sex.Because there are very few people around you run a low risk of getting caught.Sex in boat is very good thing and water can very erotic. While you do boating and no around you then you must do sex for getting very good experience.

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