Global Causes of Maternal Death

Global Causes of Maternal Death 

What is Maternal Death???????

Maternal death is death of women or girls during pregnancy or within 42 days of pregnancy. During pregnancy body of women goes through many changes. These changes are totally normal, but these changes can be become very vital in the case there are complication or problem. So here we provide the most common Reason for Maternal Death.

Maternal Death Causes are classified as direct or indirect. Direct causes are associated to obstetric complication of pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum period. Indirect causes are related to pre existing or newly developed health problem which are not related to pregnancy.

Most common causes of Maternal Death

Direct causes of Maternal Death

Global Causes of Maternal Death

Uncontrolled bleeding

  • Approximately 25 % of maternal deaths and it is most common sign of maternal death.
  • Loss blood during pregnancy, labor and post partum.
  • It can causes death without medical intervention.
  • It can be cure with blood transfusions, oxytocics, manual removal of placenta. (oxytocics is medicine which induce uterine contractions to stop bleeding).

Infection or Sepsis

  • 15 % of women death during pregnancy is occur due to infection.
  • It associated with poor hygiene and infection control during delivery or to presence of treated sexually transmitted of maternal infection and appropriate use of intravenous or intramuscular antibiotics at time delivery and post partum period.
  • This can cure or manage with high standard for infection control, appropriate prenatal testing and maternal infection treatment and proper use of intravenous or intramuscular antibiotics during labor and post partum period.

Hypertensive problem

  • 12 % of women death during pregnancy is occur because of hypertensive issue.
  • Pre eclampsia is classify as hypertension, proteinurea and unexpected weight gain. It can causes maternal or / and infant death.
  • Pre eclampsia can recognize in prenatal period by monitoring blood pressure, viewing urine for protein and by physical assessment.
  • It can be cure at child birth by using sedative or anti convulsant medicine.

Prolonged or Obstructed labor

  • It occur due to CPD (cephalopelvic disproportion), disproportion between size of fetal head and maternal pelvis or by position of fetus at time of delivery.
  • It is most occur with women who have poor status of nutrition.
  • Use of assisted vaginal delivery method like forceps, vacuum extractor or performing a caesarean section can stop adverse result.
  • It is main reason of obstetrical fistula.

Unsafe Abortion

  • 13 % of pregnancy related death due to unsafe abortion.
  • It can be stop through giving safe abortion, quality family planning services and competent post abortion care.

Indirect Maternal Death causes

  • 20 % mother death due to indirect causes.
  • Pre existing medical situation like anemia, malaria, hepatitis, heart problem and HIV / AIDS can raises the chances of women death during pregnancy.
  • Chances of adverse result can decrease by prenatal identification and treatment and also availability basic emergency obstetric care (EnOC) during delivery.

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