Foods avoid in Monsoon

10 Foods avoid in Monsoon

Monsoon is going on and its times to get some relief from the heat of summer; Rainy season always brings a huge happiness with the drops falling from heaven. In monsoon season the atmosphere is very cool.

Have the monsoon got you reaching out for that cup of hot tea and a steaming plat of pakodas??  But we all are known that rainy brings with a series of infections and occasional flu. The damp and fifty conditions in monsoon plays a host of many disease causing germs, which cause some serious disease like dengue, malaria, conjunctivitis, typhoid, viral fever, pneumonia, gastro. Be aware of the all disease, first we concentrate on our foods. We have to take healthy foods and protect our self. In rainy season, the street foods are really harmful for us. We have to care about our self in rainy. Let’s take a look on the foods that you must avoid during rainy season.

Top 10 Foods avoid in Monsoon:

Street Foods:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

First of all you must avoid street food in this rainy season. The most of cases of disease is cause for the street foods in rainy. Foods like Samosas, Kachoris, egg-roles, indo-Chinese fast-foods, Chaat, Panipuris, Bhel, Sevpuri, chilli chickens, ragda-pattice etc. As this weather is high in humidity your digestion process gets quite to slow which could easily affected by street foods and the bacteria’s carried by files and dirt. So, you must avoid these foods during monsoon. You may be exposed to the germs that cause gastrointestinal infection by eating street foods. This type of infections causes diarrhea or vomiting. So, the street foods are very harmful for our health and this type Foods avoid in Monsoon.

Fresh Juice from Street:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

We know that Fresh Fruit juice is good for health. Fresh juice is good but this Foods avoid in Monsoon. Because, any fresh food if stays exposed to the monsoon air for a prolonged of time gets bacteria and fungus in it. So best for our health avoid it. The fruit juice seller keep their fruits cut up well in advance which gets early infected and contaminated. So, better for our health Prepare Fresh juice at home and take it instantly and stay healthy.

White Rice:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

We all love to eat white rice but these Foods avoid in Monsoon. In rainy season Water retention, weak immunity and digestive system are high. White Rice when consumed in Monsoon, it leads to bloating, swelling and water retention. White Rice not digests easily. It takes more time to get digested, so you must to avoid during Monsoon.

Carbonated Drinks:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

Carbonated Drinks reduce minerals level in our body which reduces enzyme activity to indigestion. Fizzy Drinks like coca-cola, Limca, Fanta, Mirinda, Pepsi, any flavour of strong soda, Mountain dew, Thumps-Up etc.This is highly undesirable with an already weak digestive system. You take a bottle of water or Nimbu pani handy or stick to warm beverages like ginger tea. Avoid Fizzy Drinks and stay healthy.So our advice is Carbonated Foods avoid in Monsoon and use other options for good health.

Sea foods:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

Sea food like salmons, tuna, catfish, crabs, shrimps, prawns which are mostly eat by people. Fresh sea food is scare during monsoon. Intake of these creatures could upset your stomach leading to food poisoning. Even if you try fresh water fish that’s not even a good option because in monsoon all water bodies are stay with dirt, waste waters, chemicals, bacteria’s, viruses etc. So, you must avoid these foods during monsoon.


Foods avoid in Monsoon

Mushrooms are the most favourite food option for vegans in the rainy season. But do you known this Foods avoid in Monsoon. Mushrooms which grows on damp soil, grime areas, unhealthy and unhygienic place carries higher risk of water borne, air borne and bacterial diseases.

Leafy Vegetables:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

In our life we have strictly believing the importance of green leafy vegetables. But this type of Foods avoid in Monsoon. The grime and dampness present in them makes them highly susceptible to germs. The green leafy veggies are grown in swamp and curd areas which best avoided in monsoon. Don’t take vegetables like spinach, cabbage and cauliflowers in this season. Go for vegetables like bitter gourd, tori or tinda. Avoid Green leafy veggie eat healthy stay healthy.

Red Meat:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

In rainy season our digestion process get slower because of this reason don’t take red meat in rainy season. Red meat is slight heavy for digestion in monsoon. Infections which breathe everywhere .So, you can’t even get fresh meat without some real harmful infections which cause air-borne and water borne diseases like jaundice, typhoid, viral fever, diarrhea etc.

Pre-cut or peeled fruits:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

Don’t take pre-cut fruits. Stay away from chopped fruits, specifically when they have been kept in the open. Pre-cut fruits when stays exposed to monsoon air gets easily contaminated with virus and bacteria’s which have higher risk of causing stomach ailments and other air-borne diseases. So, don’t take Pre-cut fruits. Wash Your Fruits well and slice it to consume instantly. Eat fresh and instant cut fruit and stay fresh.

Thick heavy oils:

Foods avoid in Monsoon

Heavy oils like mustard and sesame should be avoided during the monsoons as they render the body vulnerable to infection. Oil which can be used for cooking during the rainy season is dry oils like corn or lights oils like olive.

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