First Date Beauty Tips

Important First Date Beauty Tips

First date is very special for someone who is most special one. Dating can different between cultures, lifestyles, region, gender and sexual orientation. There are many important memories attached with first date. Every one wants to look beautiful and gorgeous on their First date. Most of us are think how their first date goes and specially girls think and confused what to wear on their first date. Girls are always confused about their dressing, hairstyle and makeup. Here we give First Date Beauty Tips i think it is helpful to all girls who will going to on their first date. With the help of this Beauty Tips for First Date girls can easily get idea about their first date appearance. So let’s have a look…

Most important First Date Beauty Tips:

Keep it Simple:

First Date Beauty Tips

It is advise all girls who go on their first date to look as simple as possible. Too much makeup is tough. As we know that make up is transform your entire look and you don’t want him to not recognize you without makeup. Just do thin layers of light foundation or BB cream with spot concealing if require eyeliner, mascara, natural looking blush. This very Useful First Date Beauty Tips.

No Facials:

First Date Beauty Tips

Avoid getting facial treatment just before your first date. Because facial just before first date may cause acne breakout and rashes on your face especially if your skin is sensitive. So instead of facial do one thing just do clean-up by yourself. Clean your face first, and then do scrubs followed by steam and mask. At finally complete your clean-up by applying a toner followed by a moisturizer.This one of Most Important First Date Beauty Tips.

Apply vitamin E oil:

First Date Beauty Tips

Vitamin-E oil is very good for your skin as it speed up the skin cell production so it prevent any wrinkles and fine lines. You can massage your with some vitamin E oil at the night before first date. So that your skin appears soft and radiant when you are out with your partner. So use this First Date Beauty Tips before going to date.

Groom your hands and feet:

First Date Beauty Tips

It is also important to groom your hands and feet as the other parts of body. You don’t want your date to think of you as a lazy girl. You can take manicure and pedicure treatment. You can also make sure that your nails are well shaped and attractive.

Not use too much perfume:

First Date Beauty Tips

It is very important First Date Beauty Tips. We all smell good but the you do not use too much perfume. You need a few scents at the right spot like, your neck, wrists, behind the ear, inside of your elbow and length of your hair. You cannot use strong smell perfume because it distract him.

Style your hair a little:

First Date Beauty Tips

There is no need to do complicated hairstyles when you are going on first date. Lose curles, beachy waves, etc are considered as the best hairstyles for a first date as per beauty expert. Try to keep your hairstyle sexy but simple. Anything which is too fancy is distracting him from focussing on your. So it very useful for all girls for First Date Beauty Tips.

Lip care:

First Date Beauty Tips

Ensure that you exfoliate your lips at the night before and moisturise them well, apply a light colour lipstick with the right amount of lip gloss. Do not use dark colour lipstick.

Don’t Waxing:

First Date Beauty Tips

Unless you have got at least a week before the first date don’t do waxing. Just before of first date if you do waxing then it might cause blotchy, angry looking facial skin. It is very useful Beauty Tips for First Date for all girls.

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