Best 5 Features that make Facebook Messenger hot

Best 5 Features that make Facebook Messenger hot

Nowadays the use of social medial is increasing day by day. We all use social media. One of the well-known social media is Facebook. The Facebook Mobile Application is both for Android and iOS user. Day after day it seems new feature are lunched by mark zuckerberg and make our time on Facebook even more tremendous. Facebook Messenger Application use is not only for chat or Messaging. Even though people are install messenger to chatting with their Facebook uses messenger, Facebook friends to carry some capabilities and secret features as part is Facebook most important services. Let’s see here Best 5 features that make Facebook Messenger hot / Top 5 Features that make Facebook Messenger hot.

List of Best 5 Features that make Facebook Messenger hot:

Facebook Group Chats

:: How to Create Group Chats on Facebook Messenger::

Facebook group chatting features provide you the useful to chat with one people at the real time. FB allows you to have discussion with more than one people. If you are chatting with a friend and want to add new friends to the discussion: Click the device menu at the top right of your chat window. Choose Add Friends to Chat from the drop menu Enter the user names of the friends you want to add then tick finished.

Facebook messenger Bot

:: How to Create Facebook Messenger Bot::

Facebook messenger Bot can be helpful for instance if u wants to book a hotel just tell the Facebook bot where you are going and when by FB messenger After some forward and backward, the FB bot will give you hotel choice. To help book the Facebook messenger Bot will take you to its website.

Request Money in Facebook Messenger

:: How To Send and Request Money In Facebook Messenger::

Request Money in Facebook Messenger: You can send money to your Facebook friends with Messenger. As long as they also include their card number attach to their FB account. You can also ask for money in case your friends forget to pay you for those film tickets and aren’t answering their mail.

Video call on Facebook messenger

:: How to activate video call for Facebook messenger::

 One more Feature in FB Messenger is making Video Calls. It is a free over a Wi-Fi organization. In the happening that you make use of cell you may get charge for data by your handset organization.

 Play Games in FB Messenger

:: How to Play Facebook Messenger Soccer Game::

Choose a friend to play with then choose FB Messenger emoji keyboard by tapping on the emoji symbol on the left side of your FB message window right above the keyboard.

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