Pregnancy Sex

Amazing benefits of Pregnancy Sex

We all know sex is common activity all human being is doing in their life. And of course pregnancy is golden period of every woman. Pregnancy is time during which one or more children develop inside a woman. Pregnancy is occurs by sexual intercourse. We any woman became pregnant there are many thing running in her mind. One of that is Pregnancy Sex.Most of us believe that Sex during Pregnancy is not safe. So is it safe or not? This question is arising in everyone’s mind. So the answer is yes. You can do sex in pregnancy but you can take care while sex and use proper sex position during sex.There are many benefits of Pregnancy Sex.There we give the information about Pregnancy sex is safe or not?.So lets’ have a look…

Benefits of Pregnancy Sex:

Better orgasms:

Pregnancy Sex

On the basis of experience many pregnant women feel better orgasms then their pre-pregnancy stage. The main reason behind this is pregnancy increase two production hormones in the body. Pregnancy Sex increase blood supply, make the nipple grow large and never ending sensitiveness. Due to this reasons chance of reaching orgasms is very high. So if a woman who difficult to reach an orgasms this is the way where she is easily reach when she pregnant.

Better immunity:

Pregnancy Sex

In pregnancy woman’s immunity is low. Due to changing in diet and lifestyle, sex plays an important role to improve immunity. This is because sex is increase level of antibodies in body which boost your immune system and because of this you cannot fall sick often and if you get sick then recovery is very fast from your sickness. So it is very good Advantages of Pregnancy Sex.

Improve Relationship:

Pregnancy Sex

When you pregnant, you are enter in a new and unpredictable stage of life. It is an uneven way for both child as well as mother but beside that your relationship with your partner may get affected also. One thing that can really easily out of things and reduce the stress. The hormone oxytocin is free after having sex which feels good and because of this you maintain that affection while strengthening the bond. This is great benefits of Pregnancy Sex.

Better recovery after childbirth:

Pregnancy Sex

An orgasms increase the contradictions in your pelvic floor. If your pelvic floor muscles are strong during pregnancy then it will be much easier for the muscles to get back their places. If you have strong pelvic muscles then your baby is delivered more easily with fewer complications and without tearing any muscles. So it is good to have sex while you are pregnant.

Reduce Stress:

Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy is golden period for women but still there are many ups and downs which make you in stress in many times.Sex is helpful to reduce stress and make you happy in preganancy.The love hormone that your body releases when you have an orgasms, can help to go against some of that stress and also help you sleep better. This is very important benefits of Pregnancy Sex.

Strengthen the pelvic muscles:

Pregnancy Sex

If you do sex regular during pregnancy then it is really help you when enter labour. The movement of the pelvic muscles make sure that they are strengthen and toned. This will also help you if you are dealing with uncontrollable bladder which means you often pee unexpectedly while laughing or sneezing. So Strengthen the pelvic muscles is very good benefit of Pregnancy Sex.

Decrease Blood pressure:

Pregnancy Sex

If your blood pressure is low after having sex then no need to worry. It is temporary. High blood pressure can be serious for both mother and baby. It is important to work with your doctor on ways to control your blood pressure. This is Amazing health benefits of Pregnancy Sex.

Improve Sleep:

Pregnancy Sex

Every stage of pregnancy mom’s sleep is affected. Frequent bathroom trips can be start in 1st 3 month and after that woman’s well rounded tummy can make sleep uncomfortable. Some women experience hormone create insomnia.Sex can be the solution of insomnia because after orgasms woman feel relax and sleepy. This is one the Health benefit of Pregnancy Sex.

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