Battery Killing Apps

Most Battery Killing Apps

Now a days we all use smartphones. Smartphones is main requirement to all of us. In our Smartphone one thing is main and without this thing our phone is not start and this is Battery of Smartphone. So keep our phone battery we always charge our phone. Sometimes it may happen that without using a phone our phone’s battery is decrease. So what is reason behind this? The reason is some apps that you install in your Smartphone. We install many apps in our smartphones. Some are very useful app but some are not. Do you know some apps in your Smartphone is killing your phone’s battery like, Social sites, weather sites, some browser and many more apps.You this apps is also known as Battery Killing Apps  which kills your battery faster. Here we give the information about Battery draining apps for Smartphones. So let’s have look…

Battery Killing apps for Smartphones you avoid to install:

Battery saver apps:

Battery Killing Apps

We all install one Battery saver apps in our phone to save the battery life. But do you this apps is Battery Killing apps for Smartphones. When your phone is inactive or unused this Battery saver or RAM Cleaning apps are running in background. These apps regularly keep scanning the phone for battery saving or junk files and clean or close them without giving any hint to users.

Weather apps:

Battery Killing Apps

Some of us install Weather app in their phone. Weather apps are useful for current or future updates of weather. But this apps also Battery killing apps.You giving you a proper and accurate updates of weather this apps continuously collects data from the internet. So if you want better battery backup please disable the weather apps from your phone.

Social Media Apps:

Battery Killing Apps

We all install many social media apps in our phone like, facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram and other. Among them facebook is one of the most famous Social media apps.You you know on other hand facebook is Most Battery killing apps.Facebook consume lots of power and also slows down the system. This apps keeps running in the background for sending notifications. Not only facebook but Facebook messenger also exhausts your phone’s battery. So if you save your battery life then you can simply install these apps.

News apps:

Battery Killing Apps

Well some of us keep touch with latest news around the world. For keep touch around the world we install some news apps like, BBC News, TOI apps, Zee News and many more. So this news apps is a Battery Killing Apps. This apps is tricky because we generally want to access the latest news on daily basis. For getting latest news it constantly connect with internet for access news and require lots of battery life.

Gaming Apps:

Battery Killing Apps

We all love to play game in our mobile. For playing game we install some of our favourite game in our mobile phone. Some of most famous games are 3D animation games, angry birds, Farm Heroes Saga and many more. So if you are game lovers then it might be difficult to install this. But the fact is it requires a lot’s of battery. So if you do not want to uninstall this then simply force stop them. So whenever you want to play you enjoy playing this game.Gameing apps is Battery Killing Apps.

Anti-Virus apps:

Battery Killing Apps

Anti-virus apps is useful secure our mobile phone with virus and bugs. This apps also runs in background periodically and scanning whole phone and fixing error and threats just like Battery saver apps.It is also worth nothing that the more the number of apps the longer it takes to scan the Smartphone and one of the Battery Killing apps.

Internet Browser Apps:

Battery Killing Apps

All of us phone have more than one browser Apps.It you are still using phone’s default browser then stop using right now. This apps consume a lots of your Battery life. Some of apps contain more features like news, scoreboards, and notifications from social media websites and more all of which stay running in background to give you immediate access to satisfied but at the same time they also help in Draining out the Battery Life of your Handset.


Battery Killing Apps

Map apps are very useful when we go to some unknown places and it is also find places easily with the maps. The very famous Maps app is Google Maps. The Google Maps can destroy your battery life with their constant use of the phone’s GPS location services.

Photo editing apps:

Battery Killing Apps

If you are photography lover who like to take images, editing images and share them on social media then you should carry portable charger with you. Photo editing apps are generally in big size and needs lots of processing power to edit the images. Some of the photo editing apps like, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express and Pixlr Express are Battery Killing Apps.

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