Android Nougat latest feature

8 Amazing feature of Android Nougat in Google’s latest mobile OS

Google had announced name of latest version of android 7.0 and the name is Android Nougat. Code name of this latest version was Android N. It was initially released as developer preview on 9th March 2016, with factory image for current Nexus devices and also with “Android Beta Program”. Android Beta program allows supported device to be upgraded directly to the Android Nougat beta via over air update.  Android Nougat is the latest dessert themed version of android.

Android Nougat comes with some new feature such as improved notification shade, split screen multitasking to mobile OS, also better feature like Doze which came with marshmallow last year. It also come with Daydream, new VR platform of google, baked in, though it will only supported by Daydream ready handsets running the OS. Here we provide New features in google’s latest mobile OS.

Best feature of Latest Android Nougat version

Use apps without installing apps on device

This latest version of android will allow you to use any apps without installing those apps on your phone. This feature will also be compatible with devices running Jelly Bean and above.

Split Screen

Android Nougat latest feature

Android 7.0 will gives you feature of split screen so that user can control between apps more easily.

New security option

Android Nougat will give you new option for security purpose, it will allow you to encrypt particular files instead of encrypt whole device.

Launcher shortcuts

Launcher shortcuts will allow users to make your own shortcuts for particular features in some applications. For example, this can be a shortcut to message a specific contact or to access a particular folder in an email inbox.

Reply from notifications

Android Nougat latest feature

It will allow user to give reply directly from notifications, which is already available on Android Wear. Android Wear is softer of Google for wearable devices.

Support Unicode 9

It will have support for Emoji Unicode 9, bringing users new Emoji with more human such as more human faces and diversity of skin tones.


Android Nougat will also have virtual reality platform of Google. It is meant to better upon experience of Cardboard that is Google launched two years ago.

Google Android Nougat new feature in latest mobile OS Video 

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