The Best Android Keyboard apps

7 Best Android Keyboard apps

We all use Android phone now a days. In android phone we use various apps.It our mobile Keyboards are important. Without a good keyboard, communicating on a Smartphone is very tough. There are many android apps available in world. One of the most useful apps is keyboard apps.It good keyboard app is an important for an effective typing experience. There are many good keyboard apps available in the Google Play Store. This app offers a smooth typing experience and includes features like auto correct and gesture and based typing. Here we provide the information about The Best Android Keyboard apps.You let’s have a look…

Top 7 Keyboard apps for Android:

Google Keyboard:

nThe Best Android Keyboard apps

Google’s Keyboard has a simple and clean interface that just works. This apps is available free for all phone. This keyboard apps provide a silky and smooth typing and it is also provide voice dictation. It is also provide the autocorrect feature, so you can avoid typos. It also provides gesture typing and with the help of this you can quickly type just by swiping across the keyboard.


The Best Android Keyboard apps

Swype is a feature rich keyboard apps.It allows users to spell out words and complete sentences by swiping over the alphabets. This app also supports typing in two languages at a time. Along with this, Swype keyboard app, it ties into Android’s accessibility features to help vision-impaired users. The keyboard has a customisable personal dictionary with makes word predication even better.


The Best Android Keyboard apps

This one The Best Android Keyboard apps.This apps provide correct word prediction method known as ‘fluency engine’ which make it very popular. Now a days this app is inbuilt in many smartphones for better user experience. This apps also provide variety of theme for increased customization.


The Best Android Keyboard apps

Flesky is a flexible keyboard app that sports a minimalistic design. This app provides traditional customization options and also provides users to send gifs.This apps also have features like badges and a reward system.

Go keyboard:

The Best Android Keyboard apps

Go keyboard is an Android keyboard app that comes with host of interesting functionality provide features like theme and support for emojis.This keyboard apps includes gesture based typing and a variety of selectable fonts.

Multiling O Keyboard:

The Best Android Keyboard apps

As its name suggests this app provide multiple languages. It support about 200 languages with gesture typing funcatinality.This keyboard apps also provide facilities like, ability to resize and reposition the keyboard,themes,emojis and many more.

Smart Keyboard:

The Best Android Keyboard apps

This is one of the hot Android Keyboard apps.This keyboard apps which provide multiple language support, voice input, smart dictionary and predictive typing. It is a good option for new Android users as it supports the T9 input method taken from the old feature phone.

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