Prophix Smart Toothbrush

Prophix Smart Toothbrush that live streams insides the mouth

When we wake in the morning our 1st requirement is brushing teeth. We all does brush in the morning. We all do brushing everyday though some of us suffers dental problem. Some of the dental problem is related inside the mouth and we cannot see dental problem inside the mouth. When we brushing our teeth some of the part of the mouth is not cleaned properly because we can’t see. So here we give the information about the Toothbrush that lives streams insides the mouth. With the help of this Smart Toothbrush we know which place is missing for brushing.Onvi’s new Prophix smart toothbrush make possible that upgrade by equipping itself with a camera which is capable of live-streaming the inside of your mouth.

Prophix Smart Toothbrush

Prophix is a Smart toothbrush that let users watch a live video feed of the inside of their mouth as they brush their teeth. This is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled brush along with iPhone app which lets users stream the feed to a mobile device and track their oral health with photo albums to share with their dentist.

Prophix Smart Toothbrush

The Prophix pack in a small light and HD camera, capable of recording 1080p video and 10-megapixel stills. This allows users to get a gag including close view of where the brush head is cleaning not to mention the flecks of food and gunk caught between your teeth. The system includes 4 interchangeable attachments – a brush, a prophy cup, a rubber picking tip and tiny mirror to help you scrub away that effluence. If you happen to find a trouble spot you will be able to click photos of it show your dentist later.

You can also keep tabs on your brushing routine and track how your techniques progress over time and where you may need to improve. You can interchange toothbrush heads-4 of them to be precise each designed to target a different area of your mouth.

The Smart toothbrush Prophix sound too good to be true but its price is not like good sound.

The kit will set you back $400 that’s double the price of famous Oral-B Pro series and it is release in 1st quarter of 2017.

You can also watch the video of How Prophix Smart Toothbrush is working.

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