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10 Pregnancy Advice and Tips

Pregnancy is most beautiful time for every woman in their life. Pregnancy is time during which one or more children develop inside a woman. Multiple Pregnancies engage more than one child. Pregnancy is occurs by sexual intercourse. Woman becomes pregnant when she misses her period. When we pregnant we must take about ourselves. We flow some advice like, what should we eat, how we sleep, what to read, stay happy and many more. We must follow this Pregnancy Advice and Tips for healthy pregnancy. Here we give the information about the 10 Pregnancy Advice and Tips you must follow. So let’s have look……

Top 10 Pregnancy Advice and Tips:

Take a Prenatal Vitamin:

Pregnancy Advice

It is Pregnancy Advice to take proper vitamin. Your baby’s neural cord which becomes the brain and spinal cord develops within the first month of pregnancy. So it is important you get important nutrients like folic acid, calcium and iron from the very start. Prenatal Vitamins are available at medical stores or you can take get them by doctor’s prescription. If you feel sick by taking this vitamin you can take them at night or with a light snack.

Eat Well:

Pregnancy Advice

This is very important Pregnancy Advice for all pregnant women. Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet whenever you eat. You must at least 5 portion of fruits and vegetables daily. Make list of foods which are not eat during pregnancy. Eat foods which contain fiber, protein. Don’t forget breakfast. Don’t eat soft cheese and lunch meat.


Pregnancy Advice

Pregnant women must be staying active during pregnancy. With the help of regular exercise you can control weight, improve circulation, boost your mood and help you sleep better.Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking are good activities for most of the pregnant women. But before do this activities concern your doctor. Don’t overdo the exercise. This is one of most useful Pregnancy Tips.

Stay Happy:

Pregnancy Advice

Happiness always lies within your own self. This most important Advice of Pregnancy to stay happy. According to doctor the thoughts of mother was transferred to the unborn child. Therefore was heavily influenced on the feeling, experiences and thoughts that a woman had while she was pregnant with her baby. So stay happy in pregnancy.

Avoid Smoking:

Pregnancy Advice

Smoking during pregnancy can create many problems for you and your baby. Smoking during cause problems like, miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, cot death. Smoking makes some of complication in pregnancy like, Nausea and vomiting, ectopic pregnancy, Placental abruption. So if you smoke it is best to stop smoking for your own health and for your baby. You just stop smoking, the better but it’s never too late. You stopping in the last few weeks of your pregnancy can benefits for both.

Track your Weight Gain:

nPregnancy Advice

In pregnancy we know you are eating for two. But packing on too many extra weights may make them hard to loss later. At the same low weight can put the baby at risk for low-weight birth. So maintain your during pregnancy is most important Pregnancy Advice.

Avoid Alcoholic Drink:

Pregnancy Advice

This is very good Pregnancy Advice and Tips for women who drink alcoholic drink. Drinking during pregnancy can increase the chances of miscarriage. Drinking heavily or binge drinking during pregnancy is especially dangerous for your baby.


Pregnancy Advice

Sleep at least 8 hours in night during pregnancy. If you are suffering from disturbances take naps during the day and take your physician for advice.

Proper attire:

Pregnancy Advice

This is one of the Pregnancy Advice to all pregnant women. Wear comfortable, nonrestricting shoes and put your feet up several times a day to prevent fatigue and swelling of the feet, legs and ankles.

Sex during Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Advice

Sex is important activity of our life.Sex during pregnancy is extremely safe for most women with uncomplicated low risk pregnancy. Sometimes sex during pregnancy give infection to baby. So some do sex during pregnancy while other are afraid of hurting the baby or pregnant partner to enjoy sex.

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