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World’s longest Train Tunnel

There are many longest train tunnels in world. But recently Switzerland opens one the World’s longest rail tunnel. So here we provide the details about longest train tunnel open in Switzerland. So let’s have a look..

A tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland that has taken 17 years to build. The Gotthard Base Tunnel stretches for 57 km making which makes it World’s longest tunnel. At 2300 m below the surface of the mountain in places, it is also the World’s deepest train tunnel.

London’s Crossrail is regarded as the largest construction project in Europe, but includes only 42 k of new tunnels. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is also just over 3 km longer than the Seikan Tunnel in Japan and just less than 7 km longer than Channel Tunnel between the UK and France. It is the 9th longest tunnel of type in use in the world.

If you take into version the 2 main tubes that comprises the Gotthard Base Tunnel and its various streams, cross passages and access tunnels. It has 152 km of tunnels. It is also said to have virtually no slopes.

You can also watch the World’s longest Train Tunnel to Open in Switzerland:

Shortcut through the Alps:

Train Tunnel

Reaching a depth of 2300 meters the tunnel will slice an hour off travel time between Zurich, Switzerland and Milan, Italy.

Trains will travel the tunnel which runs between the towns of Erstfeld in the north and Bodio in the south in only 20 minutes reaching speeds of up to 250 km an hour according to the Swiss Travel System.

Environmental Benefits:

Train Tunnel

The longest train tunnel brings environment benefits by diverting freight sent by road on to trail instead. The main purpose for the construction of this tunnel was to get the goods traffic off the motorway and onto the trains.

It is expected the economic benefits of increased trade and travel efficiency will make inroads into the tunnels’ 12$ billion construction cost.

Alpine route remains:

Train Tunnel

The new longest tunnel, green lighted by the Swiss public in a national referendum in 1922, bypasses the scenic original Gotthard line. That line popular with tourists for its panoramic views as it winds through the mountain range, crossing 205 bridges in the process.

Safety pledge:

Train Tunnel

About 2600 workers have been involved in the construction of the longest train tunnel, with nine losing their lived in the process. About 3200 kilometres of copper cable was used in the tunnel’s construction enough to stretch from Madrid to Moscow.

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