Bluetooth 5

Things you need to know about Bluetooth 5

We all heard about the Bluetooth and Bluetooth Technology. Now a days in our mobile Bluetooth is inbuilt in our mobile. Bluetooth is used to transfer media file efficiently from one device to another device. Recently Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that the new version of wireless Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5 will be launch on 16th June 2016.Bluetooth 5 expected to be a major improvement over the current version of wireless standard.

Bluetooth 5 offering double speed and 4 times the range of current low-energy Bluetooth transmission. But Bluetooth SIG says it will also offer much more support for connectionless services like location relevant and deployment of navigation.

The roadmap for the next version of Bluetooth was sketched out last year, but the SIG which has tech giants like Apple, Intel and Microsoft as backers will officially lift the lid on Bluetooth 5 on 16th June 2016 in London. That change should be beneficial as our homes get smarter and more connected with many Internet of Things Devices relying on Bluetooth to connect to your control devices and each other.

We all mostly not aware of the importance of a new Bluetooth version but it is very easy as another feature in mobile which is use as file transfer and connection to accessories wirelessly. Here we give the information about the 5 Thing you must know about Bluetooth 5.So let’s have look…

Features of Bluetooth 5:

Double Range:

This is one of the Best Features of Bluetooth 5.Bluetooth 5 assure that it provide the double range than older version. The maximum range depends on how many devices are connected. Bluetooth 4.0 should preferably offer a minimum of 200 feet. Bluetooth 5 will offer a range that’s double of this, thus bringing the new version closer to the range offered by Wi-Fi direct.

Faster speed:

Current version of Bluetooth is not bad, but they are not as good as Bluetooth. So there is no doubt that Bluetooth 5 will be faster than Bluetooth 4.Bluetooth 5 promises of faster speed and presumably higher bandwidth transfer capabilities. Bluetooth 5 provides 4X speed. For those unaware, Wi-Fi Direct provides speeds of up to 250 Mbps than Bluetooth 4 which provide 25 Mbps speed. So it is faster than other Bluetooth.

Detailed advertising Packet:

One of the Bluetooth 5 Features is detailed advertising Packet. Detailed advertising doesn’t mean more ads. Advertising has a new meaning in the Bluetooth World. According to Bluetooth SIG, an advertising packet has ability to send information to devices even if they are not paired together. It helps users to identify, detect and connect to other Bluetooth device. Current packet size is 47 bytes and it includes details like name and type of device. Bluetooth 5 will have larger sized packets which enable more information to be shared among Bluetooth Device.

Location information:

Bluetooth 5 will offer new features and functionality that is Location Information. This functionality for connectionless services. These will mostly be related to location information and navigation. By adding an important and more capacity to advertising transmission, Bluetooth 5 will further propel the adoption and deployment of beacons and location based services to users around the world according to Powell.

New Hardware:

Of course there is no other Bluetooth device which beats Bluetooth 5.Bluetooth 4 can be updates to version 4.1 and version 4.2.But the new Bluetooth 5 version might be require new hardware.

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