Facebook Force you to use Facebook Messenger App

Why Facebook Force you to use Facebook Messenger App?

Now a days the use of social medial is increasing day by day. We all use social media.One of the famous social media is facebook. Before using mobile we all use facebook on PC.But now we all use android phone and in this we use Facebook mobile app. The Facebook Mobile Apps is both for Android and iOS user.

We mostly use Facebook for chatting purpose only. We can chat in facebook by many ways like, chatting via Facebook Messenger app or on a desktop computer or on your mobile web brewers.

In August 2014, Facebook encouraging people to install Facebook Messenger. Some of the user still user facebook on their phone browser. The mobile web version of Facebook not provide all the facility like Video Calls, send and receive SMS messages on some platform and many more. So by using this we use Facebook Messenger App.

 Facebook Messenger App provide many features like, ability to send and receive regular SMS messages on some platform, video and Voice calls as well as Face book’s floating notification and chat boxes called Chat Heads. It is also provide a better experience remains a point of debate.

Why Facebook push users into another app?

Facebook Force you to use Facebook Messenger App

The main reason is that Facebook is pushing chat into its Facebook Messenger App to create another platform from which facebook can access you as a user. The same reason Facebook bought Whatsapp. On the one hand the dedicated chat app competes directly with Facebook Messenger and low-level Facebook social network experience. It is also targets the users who are not interested in Facebook. Whatsapp and Facebook users are very high in west but outside of developed world Whatsapp has an outstanding penetration with users who don’t use Facebook.

Facebook also has Instagram which is not as far removed from the core Facebook experience as Whatsapp, but started life as a separated photo-sharing social network and only recently became more integrated with Facebook.

Messenger is the hardest sell as a separate service from the main Facebook Social network.But in June last year the company made it so that a user could sign up and use Messenger with just a phone number. It means a person who doesn’t want facebook account can still chat with their Facebook using friends. It also gives Facebook another phone number and personal data on another user.

Using the Facebook Messenger App is faster and enables richer interaction.

Security and Privacy Issues with Facebook Messenger App:

Some Facebook users still have privacy and security issue about the Facebook Messenger App.

Now a days, cyber security firm Check Point released details of a significant vulnerability in Faebook’s Messenger app that allowed hackers to edit or delete any send message and use it to distribute malware.

Once the message ID was identified the hacker was able to alter the content of the messages and send it to the Facebook servers without the original user being alerted.

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