Disadvantages of desktop pc

Disadvantages of Desktop PC

Before using Laptops or mobiles we all used Desktop for many purpose. In today’s fast track we all want to carry laptop rather than Desktop PC.Desktop compute is personal computer for regular use at single location on desk or table. We all know that it require big space than laptop. Now we all require Internet which is generally wireless. Desktop PC does not provide the Wireless Internet connection like Laptops. The big problem with desktop is that it is not portable. Unless you have exact needs you don’t require a desktop PC at all. Though it has many Disadvantages the price of PC is less than Laptops. Here we give the information about dome the Desktop PCs Disadvantages. So let’s have a look…

7 Disadvantages of Desktop PC:

Space and Performance:

Space is the Main Disadvantages of Desktop PC.As we talk desktop require more space than laptop, tablets or mobile. Because Desktop PC need keyboard, mouse and monitor – without it you cannot work on your Desktop. The performance of desktop and laptop/mobile is same because the processor used in that is almost same. There is problem in mobile or laptop device is overheating and bettary.But if you are working on resource-heavy tasks, such as video editing or high end gaming than you don’t notice the difference. The laptops use SSDs that’s why it provides good speed for day to day activity.

Wireless Connectivity:

This is one the key Disadvantages of Desktop PC. In today’s internet world we all require internet connectivity 24*7.Desktop PC provide the internet connection but it is not wireless. Unlike laptops and mobiles desktop is not provide wireless internet connectivity. Because of this disadvantage we do not require PC.


The Biggest drawback of Desktop PC is that it is permanently on your desk. You cannot pull it into other room. Desktop PC is not portable like mobile and laptops. Mobility is everything in computing today. Nobody waits until they get home to check their email. We want to have access to it at all times, somethings a desktop simply can’t offer.

General Use:

We all use web, Social Media and many things. For using it you don’t need a desktop PC.Now a days we all use smartphones in which all the services are easily use. Smartphones have half of web traffic. We all use the smartphones for general use because it’s portable and easy to use. So because of use of Smartphone for general uses we don’t need Desktop PC.


Desktop PC is not as expensive as Laptop. Desktops were always the best budget option, at least what you get for what you pay. But some of the Biggest disadvantages of Desktop PC we cannot buy desktop PC now days.


Laptops or mobile have inbuilt machines will consume battery power. So you do not need power supply all the time. In desktop there is no inbuilt battery power supply. So if an electricity is not available then desktop PC is not working.

Cooling Needed:

The Gaming Desktop PC requires powerful use of graphic card and processor as well as RAM and hard disk. In this situation the computer parts that have higher power intake releasing large amount of heat energy. Due to this we require heavy fans or AC in computer room. So it’s a big Disadvantages of Desktop PC.

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