Condom Myths

10 Common Condom Myths

We all use condom as a birth control. Generally most of the people are now using condom as birth control during sexual intercourse. With the help of condom we stop spreading sexual disease like HIV/AIDS. There are two types of condom are available in the market like, female condom and male condom. The condom are comes in various colours and various flavours. We use condom and know very well about condom. But still some the Things you know about Condom. Here we give the information about the Condom Myths. So know the Common Facts about the Condom and remove the myths. So let’s have a look…

Misconceptions about Condom:

Condom smells of rubber:

Condom Myths

While having sex there are lots of things which are matter. Smell is also matter. Condom smell is not a big issue. If you think that condom smell like rubber and it smell too bad then there many way to overcome this problem. In market there are many flavours of condoms are available like, Chocolate, strawberry, tutti fruity and many more.Accodring to your test you can choose the condom. So remove this Condom Myths from your mind.

Condoms are Expensive:

Condom Myths

This is most common Condom Myths. It is totally wrong. At youth clinics you can get condoms free of charges for youths between age of 13 to 25.If your age is more than 25 years than there are some of the organization which provide condom at free of cost or at lowest price. So buy condom from organization which provide the condom at free of cost if you feel condoms are expensive.

Foreplay is ruined by condoms:

Condom Myths

This is one of the Condom Myths which we all feel while foreplay. We know that foreplay is one of the main activity while doing sex.Without foreplay we cannot enjoy sex.It is all about handiness. If we keep the condom within our arms than it is not take too much time for use. So we must keep condoms within our arms for enjoying foreplay.

It’s Men responsibility to Use condoms:

Condom Myths

We generally think about this Condom Myths. It is general reason that is passes only in heterosexual circles. What role does it play who is to blame if someone gets infected? At the end,everyone is responsible for their own health. To suggest condom means only that you value yourself and your partner’s health. Now a days there are both types of condoms for men and women are available in the market. This is one of the Facts about condom.

Condoms are not expiring:

Condom Myths

It is one the Big Condom Myths most of the people belives.It is very big mistake done by all of you. You must check the expiry date on its packet before using it. Expired condom may causes rashes and irritation. Some may say that it is better to use expired condoms. Out dated condom can easily break and it loses its flexibility also. So must check the Expired date before buy condom.

Age to buy condom:

Condom Myths

There is no age limit to buy and uses the condom.You have to be 18 to buy condoms. Some of the states distributed the condoms to girls and boys who are under 15.So that they learn and know how to use the condom. This one of the Condom Myths we all believe.

Difficult to infect:

Condom Myths

This one the big Misconceptions about Condom. If you are infected then it is easy that your partner has sexual diseases or you don’t use condom while sex.Someone types of sexual diseases are extremely tricky because it takes time too spread.HIV is one of the diseases which is spread while having sex.HIV takes 2-3 weeks to spread and after that some of the symptoms of HIV like, fever, sore throat, diarrhea or swollen lymph nodes. If you are not use condom properly or the condom is break or hole in condom then it chances to get infected though you use the condom. So remove this Misconceptions about Condom from your mind and if you get these symptoms then go to doctors immediately for cure the diseases.

Embarrassing to buy condoms:

Condom Myths

At very 1st time it is awkward to buy condom. But after some time you never feel uncomfortable. More than 48 million condoms are sold in US in every year. So you are not alone. If it is still feels awkward you can also order condom online and get sent to your home in a discreet package.So don’t be embarrassing to buy condom.

Not feel as good with a condom:

Condom Myths

This is common Condom Myths. There is not big difference sex with or without condom. But people who are allergic to latex or lubricant there might be a big difference. There are many options like, plastic condoms or condoms without lubricant for those people who are allergic to latex or lubricant.

Two condoms are safer than one:

Condom Myths

Two condoms are safer than one condom. You can use just one condom correctly to reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and STIs.Double bagging condom will cause the friction and condom may be tear up. Due to friction, they can rapture and leak. So remover this Condom Myths.

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