Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future

10 Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future

We all use many inventions which are made by great Inventors. The very nature of invention means that inventors are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Some of the inventions which are very good and which is very helpful to us in future. There is no saying what the future can hold. But we may have a few ideas and according to that these inventions are done. With the help of Science and Technology these inventions are done. This invention makes our life easy and fantastic.  Here we give the information about the 10 Inventions that will Shape our Future. So let’s have a look…

Top 10 Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future:

Fire Extinguisher:

This is great Inventions to douse fire. Recently there are many places where forest fire cases are occurring. There is no douse fire. Due to fire in forest there is lots of damage. Hundreds of animal, trees have been lost in fire. So two students of the George Mason University invented a handy fire extinguisher that used bursts of low frequency sound to put out flame. The inventors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson have done what many have been trying to do for years. This invention is only good for small fire at the moment. Its major steps to invent something bigger are fight against forest fire.

Nano Space Travel:

Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future

Mark Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking start working together on a Nano Space Travel call the StarShot Project. Along with backers such as Yuri Milner, Hawking and Zuckerberg plan to engineer to make tiny spacecrafts that can travel to distance in space within a fraction of time. The spacecraft will travel to the Alpha Centauri star system 40 trillion kilometres away on a 20 years mission to search for alien life.

360-degree Collision Avoidance System:

Automobile companies have been trying to make proper anti-collision technology ever since car became a household item. Now a days there are many road accidents is occurs. So safety issue main things to reduce this accidents.BMW exposed their new 360-degree anti collision system for its i3 line of vehicles and it passes through all the tests. It gives the car uncrashable by tracking and detecting other vehicle and objects all around the car. Immediately hitting the breaks and closing the car down in the case of a possible accident. This one of the Awesome Inventions for future.

Sensory limbs:

This very Awesome Invention by invertors which help those who lose their own limbs. With the help of artificial Intelligence technology. Recently Case Western Reserve University has shows a model limb that enables amputees to sense, feel and touch texture on an object. It is an enormous step toward developing fully developed sensory limbs in the future that will help an amputee in regarding the quality of his or her life.

Head Transplantation:

Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future

An Italian neurosurgeon has been experimenting with head transplantation for years and proposes to perform the 1st successful human head replacement within the next few years. The reality is a successful head transplant could give people who suffering paralysis a shot at a full life again. The surgery is basically for those who suffering from spinal injury. This is most important Awesome Inventions and if the process is a successful then we could see head transplant become a normal in a hospital just like as heart and kidney transplants.

Energous WattUp Power Router:

Wireless technology is great invention by technology. But now a day we think that can we charge the mobile without charger? No more clunky wires and no more bother of forgetting charger. A wireless power router was treated at Consumer Electronics show 2015 and prototype appears to be working well The WattUp Power Router can charge twelve devices wirelessly OTA within a 15 foot radius simultaneously.

Solar Panels:

Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future

Solar plants is very good inventions by the inventor. With the help of solar panel we can save lots of electricity .Researcher have come up with a luminous concept of constructing solar panels into surfaces of roads. The solar panels will be wired into power-lines at the roadside and will produce sufficient renewable energy to complete the demands of entire countries.


Awesome Inventions that will Shape our Future

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has started the development of small electronic inserts that interface directly with a person’s nervous system and can directly adjust and control several different diseases and chronic conditions such as depression, inflammatory bowel diseases and arthritis. The program known as ElectRx aims to replace medicines with closed-loop neural implants that continuously consider the state of a person’s health and then provide the necessary nerve stimulation to keep their several organs and biological system working properly.

Google Smart Contact Lens:

Google Smart Contact Lens is at present targeted to people who suffering from diabetes. Tiny technology within the contact lens monitors the glucose levels of users and will alert them immediately if their levels of glucose get too low or high. Advances with this technology will probably result in these contact lenses being able to monitor all type of health conditions, alerting people to problems with their bodies that would otherwise have continue undetected for far longer, If it was not for this Awesome Inventions.


Natural Machines, a Barcelona based start up has introduced a 3D printer for food called Foodini that created food with edible ingredients and stainless steel capsules. The company said that Foodini is designed to take care of the time consuming and difficult parts of food preparation that discourage individuals from cooking at home and that Foodini encourages healthy eating by needing fresh ingredients prepared before 3D printing.

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