Places where Sun never Sets

World’s Famous places where Sun never Sets

We all know in 24 hours there is 12 hours day and 12 hours night because of the rotation of the earth around the sun. We all generally have this routine in our daily life. But do you know that there are some places where sun never sets. Yes it is possible that countries where sun never sets. In summer the sun is visible for 24 hours. People have to manage their lives in the summer’s sunlight and in the dark of winters. Here we give the information about the Places in the World where the Sun never sets. Just imagine the day never ends and you don’t know when to sleep when to wake up. So let’s have a look Amazing places where Sun never Sets.

6 World’s Famous places where Sun never Sets:


Places where Sun never Sets

Norway is one of the Amazing places where Sun never sets. Norway is located in the Arctic Circle. Norway is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. Due to Norway’s height above sea level there are seasonal difference in daylight because of the period of refracted sunlight is long. In Norway, about a period of 76 days from May to late July the sun never sets. The bright sunlight surrounds the entire county for about 20 hours in a day. So visit the Norway and live for days and experienced this Places where no night. You can go for a whale safari or witness the rough country inland. It feels heavenly when you see wonderful nature exhibit its bright colours.


Places where Sun never Sets

Finland is the land of thousand lakes and island. In most of the parts of the Finland, the sun shines for straight 73 days during summer and winter are insensitive and covered in dark with no daylight to be seen. You can enjoy glass igloos and skiing. You can feel the magical experience in Christmas and other festival. So Finland is also comes in List of Famous places where Sun never Sets.


Places where Sun never Sets

Sweden is Famous places where Sun never Sets. In this country sun usually sets around midnight and is up again at 4.30 AM in the morning in Sweden from early May until late August. Sweden is generally hot places than other places. You can enjoy fishing, golf, skiing, Northern lights, National parks, lowland trails for most part of your day which usually is a night-time for us. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation than Sweden is best choice for you.


Places where Sun never Sets

In Alaska sun doesn’t set from late May to late July. In Alaska darkness in the harsh months of winter is beautiful and breathtaking. In winter most of part is almost covered in snow. You can go for hiking or sightseeing. You can also go for whale watching. Road trip on the vast highways of Alaska needs your patience. So visit Alaska for feel the experienced the new Places where Sun never Sets.


Places where Sun never Sets

People who lived in Iceland watch no dark from 10th May to July where there will be 24 hours of daylight and sun above the horizon all the time. This beautiful country is Europe’s largest island after the Grate Bratain.You can go for hiking, National parks and wildlife, Whale Watching, Caving, Cycling.In this Country Mountains covered with white snow and the sky is blue. So you must visit this World’s Famous places where Sun never sets.


Places where Sun never Sets

Canada is world’s 2nd largest country which is almost covered in snow round the year. In Canada the sun shines for about 50 days in summer. You can go for Aurora viewing, moutainneering, hot springs, suspension bridge walk, road trips on the world’s 2nd largest stretches and a lot of historical monuments. So you can visit this Amazing places where Sun never sets for feel different experience.

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