Most Common Sports Injuries

10 Most Common Sports Injuries

Exercising by playing sports can be helpful to our health, but sometimes these benefits to our health are outweighed by negative things, such as an inquiry.  These injuries can be caused from poor training practice, flawed techniques, improper equipment or may be an accident. Injuries occurs when a person is not properly conditioned to play the sport like stretching muscles beforehand or not warming up. The most common Sports Injuries are Groin pull, Shin splints, Knee injury, Ankle sprain, Hamstring strain, and Tennis elbow. So here we provide the information about Common Sport Injuries and Sport Injury prevention tips.

Top 10 Common Sports Injuries:-

Ankle Sprain:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Ankle sprains are the one of the common Sports Injuries. It is mainly a damaged or torn ligament around the ankle joint. Sprain occurs when the foot turns inward. This turning stretches or tears the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.  Ankle sprain is almost inevitable in sports that involve specific foot movements like running, jumping and turning quickly. Symptoms include swelling, pain & restricted movement.

Prevention: With an ankle sprain, it is important to daily exercises to strengthen muscles around the ankles.

Shin Splints:

Most Common Sports Injuries

A shin splint is when pain along the shin bone occurs. This pain is frequently at the front of the lower legs, but may also occur in the foot & ankle or where the bone meets the calf muscles at the inner edge of the bone. There are most frequently brought on by running mainly when starting a more strenuous training program like long runs on paved roads. Symptoms include swelling, soreness to walk & jog and pain to touch the region.

Prevention: Stretching, wearing good shoes cross training and not increasing workout intensity too quickly.

Knee Injury:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Knee injuries are the one of the most common Sports Injuries. Mild knee injuries include runner’s knee, tendonitis or iliotibial band syndrome. Severe knee injury can involve damage to cartilage or ligaments. The main ligaments in the knee that are usually injured are the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), LCL (lateral collateral ligament), PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), and MCL (medical collateral ligament).

Prevention: Replace shoes & insoles daily, choose a softer running surface like an indoor track rather than hard pavement and take more rest days between workouts. If you injure your knee, do not exercise for at least 2 days & take an anti inflammatory medication.

Hamstring Strain:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Hamstring is a pulled muscle in the back of the thigh. It tends to affect sprinters & athletes who participate in sports that involve a lot of sudden running like football & rugby. Symptoms include bruising, swelling & tenderness in the thigh.

Prevention: Hamstring strain is caused by overloading the muscle, so try to avoid any sudden movements. The thigh muscles are more prone to strain if they are fatigued, so try not to overdo it.

Tennis elbow:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Relatively common in tennis players and golfers, epicondylitis to give it its medical name, is a condition that causes pain & inflammation around the elbow. Epicondylitis is most frequent in 30-60 years old and generally involves the outside of the elbow. This is one of the most common types of Sports Injuries.

Prevention: This condition is caused by overuse of the muscles around the elbow that leads to tiny tears in the ligaments & inflammation, so being careful not to overburden your arms is the way forward.

Groin Pull:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Groin pull is most common type sports injury. Pushing off in a side to side motion causes strain of the inner thigh muscles or groin. The most common sports with groin injuries are football injuries, baseball, soccer and hockey.

Prevention: Rest, compression and ice will cure most groin injuries. Keep the muscles around the groin supple with regular stretching, yoga & Pilates can be helpful if you want to increase flexibility.

Shoulder Impingement:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common Types of Sports Injuries. Shoulder injuries are most common in volleyball, tennis, baseball, swimming and weightlifting, basically any sport that involves many overhead movements.  These conditions are generally caused due to overuse of the shoulder, which can injure the rotator cuff. Signs and Symptoms include weakness, pain, stiffness & slipping in the shoulder.

Prevention: A participant who hasn’t used his shoulder for a while is more likely to have a shoulder injury. It can be prevented by strengthen your muscles through weight training exercise before playing the sport.


Most Common Sports Injuries

Concussion is a sudden but short lived loss of mental function that happens after blow or other injury to the head. The most common brain injury, concussion is most common in sports such as soccer, boxing, football and hockey. Multiple concussions can cause permanent damage to the brain.

Prevention: Decrease your risk by sporting the right gear, wear padded head protection if you are playing boxing or rugby for instance.

Achilles Tendinitis:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Achilles tendinitis injuries are very common Sports Injuries. Achilles tendinitis is most frequent injury among runners & people involved sports that require a lot of jumping. This is painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. It is a repetitive strain injury, caused by overuse of the surrounding muscles.

Prevention: Warm up before exercises & stretching that make stronger calf muscles.

Lower Back Pain:

Most Common Sports Injuries

Other Most common Injuries in Sports include lower back pain. Lower back pain is much less frequent among athletes than among sedentary & overweight persons, it can affects golfers, runners, baseball, cyclists and tennis players. There are many types of lower back pain include back spasms, stress fractures sciatica and bulging discs. The common reasons for sports related back pain is weakness, improper techniques & poor preparation.

Prevention: Several lower back injuries cannot be prevented, but warming up correctly before exercising will decrease your risk of lower back injury.

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