Weird Restaurants around the World

Weird Restaurants around the World

We all visit the restaurant at least once in life. Restaurant is only place where we want to go for the celebration of any occasion. Many restaurants are famous for their facilities and their amazing foods. But some of the restaurants are strange but it is like by many people. Due to their strange facilities the restaurant is famous around the world. So today we talk about the some of the Strange Restaurants around the World. So let’s have a look…

10 Weird Restaurants around the World:

Nude Restaurant:

Weird Restaurants around the World

It is Weird Restaurants around the world. This is world’ first Nude restaurant which will be open in London in the month of June. This restaurant will be open for only 3 months. More than 24,800 people waiting for tickets. Restaurant has started by a company called London Lilipopa.Restaurant gives lockers and changing room to guest before reach to the table. There are two parts in the restaurant 1st eating with a cloth and 2nd eating without cloth. Guest can eat food according to their desire. One gown is provided to the Nude guest who is compulsory to wear until reach their table. Guest will remove gown after reaching their table. Photograph is prohibited in the Nude section.

Dinner in the Sky:

Not everyone can eat a meal while hanging 150 feet above the ground from a crane, even if you are not usually scared of heights. At Dinner in the sky, offers dinner strapped into 22 chairs belated guests a chance to dine at a 7 ton table which is attach by a crane. One requirement is that the entire guests have at least 5 feet height and must have extremely deep pockets.

Redwoods Treehouse:

This is very Weird Restaurants in Warkworth, New Zealand built in 2008.This is the pod-shaped structure which is situated over 32 feet above the ground in a Redwood tree in the town of Warkworth, north of Auckland. Dinner access the venue via an elevated treetop walkway built of redwood milled on site. The striking venue is used exclusively for private functions and events with a capacity of 30 guests.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:

One of Weird Restaurants around the World. This restaurant is located in Maldives which is a gorgeous and intimate underwater restaurant. Ithaa restaurant is more than 16 feet below sea level. It is opened in 2005; the all glass restaurant has a menu consisting of fresh seafood, beef rib eye, veal and other foodie dishes. Encased in a transparent acrylic roof, the restaurant offers its dinners a 270 degree panoramic view of sea creatures swimming in the Maldives’ crystal clear waters. While a zinc paint coating protects Ithaa’s steel structure from corrosion, the saltwater and marine growths adhering to the paint will eventually break it down.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant:

Weird Restaurants around the World

The owner of the devil Island restaurants in China reportedly hunted to scare people away from a life of crime by showing them just how rough prison life can be during a jail-themed restaurant where you are led to your table in handcuffs and served fried coffin shaped bread. Each table is surrounded by rusting prison bars and you are served by waiters in black and white striped uniforms. This is such a Weird Restaurants. A similar restaurant in Beijing is misleading named ‘Zen Cool’.

Cat Cafe Nekorobi:

This one of Weird Restaurants in the world. This restaurant is located in Tokyo; Japan. This is very strange way to have a coffee break. Customers enter through modern glass doors into a dimly lit joint where cats prowl and sprawl out and where a drinks dispenser vending machine offers a variety of hot and cold beverages including coffee, royal milk tea, green tea and instant miso soup. Visit in the evening and you will have a chance to witness the dinnertime ritual where the kitties feast on cat food in glass food bowls arranged in a circle around a floor lamp. For feline lovers, this place is no doubt the “cat’s meow”.

Ice Restaurant:

This restaurant is made from ice. In this restaurant all the things also made from ice. It is located at Dubai. In this customer will sit on the ice benches or chairs, eat at ice tables out of ice plates, and drink from ice glasses served from a bar made of ice. The restaurant is Dubai-based Sharaf Group’s enterprise while technical inputs came from Canada-based Ice culture Inc, who is credited with building ice relax around the world.

Modern Toilet:

The Modern Toilet is very Weird Restaurants of Taipei city, Taiwan of China. This idea for this odd restaurant was visualized by one of the owners while he was reading while sitting. In starting of this restaurant only sold chocolate ice-cream in containers shaped like a squat toilet, but once the funny spin became a great success, a full-fledged, bathroom themed eatery emerged. The bathroom decoration includes converted glass-covered bathtubs as tables, wall-mouted neon faucets and urinal lamps.

Dinner in Hospital:

Weird Restaurants around the World

It’s a very Weird Restaurants of Taipei. Taipei is known for its variety of strangely themed dining establishments, but this one might just take the cake. Your strange experience starts with name, D.S.Music Restaurant which in no way hints what’s actually inside. Waiters staff dressed in nurse uniforms push you to your table in wheelchairs where your drinks are served from an IV-like machine hanging from the ceiling. The nurses ask details questions and if you get them right, you are rewarded with shots of a tasty drink squirted into your mouth with a syringe. It only gets a stranger from there. Once you are done eating, a female staff member in a deranged ballerina costume dance on your table.

Cannibalistic Restaurant:

Weird Restaurants around the World

This is one of the Weird Restaurants around the World. In this restaurant the foods called as Nyotaimori means ‘female body plate’ is one of the weird and unique food from a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant serves Japanese food sushi and sashimi inside a women’s body. The body is made from food and placed on a table looks like surgery table in hospital. Customers can eat any part of the body. The unique part is when we cut the body, it will look like bleeding just like human body.

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