Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

10 Amazing Benefits of carom seeds for health 

Carom seeds are more popular as Ajwain in India and also known as ajwan, ajwon, ajowan, ajwan seed etc. Ajwain is belongs to the apiaceae family. Its plant is also known as bishop’s weed. Seeds and leaves are used in cooking and medical purposes in India. It is mostly used in India and Iran. Ajwain was initially started in eastern Mediterranean regions like Egypt and then spread to all over in world.  100 grams of carom seeds contain 17.1 % protein, 21.8 % fat, 7.9 % minerals, 21.2 % fiber and 24.6 % carbohydrates. Ajwain also contain calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorus, niacin and iron. There are many Nutrition benefits of carom seeds.

Benefits of Ajwain are cure constipation, reduce acidity, solve kidney problem, cure mouth issue, help in cold, improve digestion system, reduce arthritis and diarrhea, viral infection, help in weight loss, diabetes mellitus, pain in teeth and ears, heart issue, muscle spasm etc. Here is Top 10 health Benefits of Carom seeds.

Below is the list of 10 best benefits of carom seeds.


Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

It best home remedy to cure diarrhea. You can boil handful of Ajwain in one glass of water. Then cool and strain it and drink it 2 times per day. Ajwain is an orthodox remedy to treat indigestion and dysentery.


Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

It can help to cleanse uterus and raise milk production. You can add 1 tbsp of fennel seeds with ½ tbsp Ajwain and 1 litre of water now boil this mixture for 5 minutes and cool it. Then drink this daily for best result of breastfeeding.

Weight loss

Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

It contains appetite revitalizing property that is not appealing for dieters. It can help to lose some weight by revitalizing the bowel movements. It is also one the best Ajwain benefits.


Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

Ajwain have anti-inflammatory qualities, so it is effective to delivering muscle relaxation. You can rub Ajwain oil to the affected area to get relief. Also you get relief from rheumatic and neuralgic pain. It is also very significant benefits of Ajwain for health.


Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

You can mix 1 table spoon of carom seeds and one tbsp of cumin seeds. Then consume this mixture every day with ginger powder. It is nest natural remedy to treat problem of acidity and indigestion. This is also helpful to cure acidity and acid reflux problem.

Mouth problem

Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

Ajwain is very helpful to reduce tooth pain. You can floss your mouth using 1 part of clove oil, 1 part of carom oil and water to cure decay, tooth ache and bad odor. Ajwain is best and very effective remedy to reduce and remove various oral problems.


Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

Asthma is very beneficial to cure bronchitis and asthma. You can eat carom seeds with warm water for immediate relief from cold, expel cough and mucus from the body. You can also eat ajwain with jaggery time every day.

Get rid of alcohol addiction

Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

Decoction of ajwain can help you get rid of alcohol addiction. You can use dose of 30 ml at night for 50 days. Excessive alcohol user may have problem of acute stomach pain, those can consume 1 table spoon of ajwain seeds with warm water 2 times per day.

Viral Infections

Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

You can use mixture of yogurt and carom seeds powder and apply this paste on face for a night, it can help you to reduce acne scars. On next day wash your face lukewarm water in morning for best result.

Cure heart problem

Benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

Carom seeds help the process of heart when you take ajwain with cup of hot water. It can help to the process of heart and so it can protect you from heart attacks along with other heart problems. Treat heart problem is one of Best Uses of Ajwain.

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