Things you using wrong

10 Things you using wrong everyday

In our daily life we use many things. We use many things from which we don’t know about some of thing and how to use those things. But here we give the information about the things which is used by us in our day to day life. We know that you do not know about all the things and how to use this things. But things are use in daily life and we use those things wrong. Here share some of the Things you using wrong every day. So let’s have look…

Top 10 Things you using wrong everyday:


When you visit the fast-food restaurants, and you place order which contain Ketchup how you use this ketchup? While you might find that ketchup cups don’t hold enough sauce normally. You can unroll the edges of cups without reorder the cups. This is one the Things you using wrong.


Things you using wrong

We use toothpaste everyday to clean our teeth. But this one things you using wrong. While most people think you need to spread toothpaste along the length of the brush, dentists have said just a small blob on the end is enough. Toothpaste companies’ show going the brush because it uses more toothpaste. There are many use of toothpaste like it is great for cleaning your car headlights or remove the onion/garlic smell off your hands after cooking.

Extension Cords:

Things you using wrong

If you loop an extension cord with whatever you are plugging into it. By using this cord will never slip out and unplug the item.

Soda Cans:

Things you using wrong

We all use Soda Cans once. Again this one Things you using wrong. You just open Soda Can directly. Most of the people find the tab on a can trying after they have opened can but if you use a straw, there’s another use. Thread the straw through the hole in a tab and the straw won’t try and float out of the can altogether.

Tic Tacs:

Things you using wrong

We all love to eat candies. We all eat Tic Tacs also. We have all had the irritation of shaking a TIC TAC box and are hardly able to get one out.Instead, just gently tip the Tic Tac onto the open lid and you will find yourself happier.

Aluminium Foil:

We use Aluminium Foil for food packing. Aluminium Foil is daily usable Things you using wrong. We have all fight the rather irritating battle with aluminium foil where we couldn’t unroll it and keep the roll from coming out of box. We shouldn’t have been fighting that battle since there is actually a tab on each side of the box we can push in and have the roll held in place.

Wearing Bobby Pins:

We wear Bobby pins wavy side. But it is wrong. The wavy side goes down for maximum hold.So you can enjoy beautiful hairstyles like this all day long.

Drying wet nail Polish:

We all ladies fond of nail polish. So sometimes we collect more nail polish. But after sometimes they all are dry. Instead of waiting for your polish to dry and then reaching for your wallet inside your purse and turning your fingers into a mess, stick your fingertips in ice water for minutes or two after painting. Then stick your hand in your purse, pull out credit cards and just go wild without ruining your polish.

Eating pizza:

We all pizza lovers eating pizza wrogly.If you want to eat your pizza like a pro, remove the crust and place it lengthwise in the center of a slice. Then fold it like a taco. This not only enhances the crust/topping ration if you are a crust lover, it also keeps your slice from flopping around if it’s big and thin.

Eating an Apple:

Things you using wrong

The average person discards 30 % of an apple. If you want to do that bite into its side. If you don’t want to be that wasteful, reduce the amount you discard by eating it top to bottom for maximum apple consumption.

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