Side effect of oversleeping

Side effect of oversleeping you should know

Everyone like sleeping and everyone know about sleeping. Amount of sleep a person required is depends on the different factors such as age and activity level and also depends on basic health and lifestyle habits. Little amount of sleeping can causes many health problem such as loss of memory, weak immunity system, pain, depression same as oversleeping. So below is the information about different health effect of oversleeping.

Below is the common sleeping time for different age people.

  • Infants required minimum 14 to 15 hours sleep every day.
  • Where as a teenagers requires 8.5 to 9.5 hours sleeping.
  • Generally adults require 7 to 9 hours sleeping, but some people also require minimum 6 hours sleeping and maximum 10 hours sleeping.
  • Pregnant women required more hours sleeping than basic sleeping hours for first 3 month.

Many people are sleeping more than they required, which can cause several health issue. There are many health risk of oversleeping. Medical problem related to oversleeping are Headaches, depression, heart problem, back pain, diabetes, obesity, impair brain, earlier death, problem in getting pregnant etc. So here is Health risk of too much sleeping.

Below is list of Health risk of too much sleeping

Back pain

Side effect of oversleeping

Sleeping in un-ergonomic position or unsupportive mattress can also worsen back pain. Staying long time in this situation can causes worse back pain particularly when spending more time in bad. In past doctors give advice for bad rest when you have back pain. You require curtail your daily exercise program when you have back pain. It is most common side effect of too much sleeping.

Problem in getting pregnant

Side effect of oversleeping

Habit of sleeping can certainly alter circadian rhythms, hormone secretions and menstrual cycles. Dr. Evan rosenbluth told that the sleeping effect on infertility is little harder to tease out because there are many details which are hard to control. As per the study Women who sleep 9 to 11 hours have problem in getting pregnant than women who sleep 7 to 9 hours night sleeping.


Side effect of oversleeping

People who sleep more than 9 hours every night may have a 50 % greater risk of having diabetes than people who sleep 7 hours every night. As per the study oversleeping or not enough sleeping every night can raises the risk of diabetes.


Side effect of oversleeping

Study suggest than oversleeping can effect on some neurotransmitters in your brain such as serotonin. Sleeping more on day and less night sleeping can causes morning headache. Headache is also medical problem related to oversleeping.

Weight gain

Side effect of oversleeping

As per the study people who sleep too long or too short can gain weight over six years than people who sleep 7 to 8 hours in night. People who sleep 9 to 10 hours have 25 % more likely to gain 5 kg weight, after controlling for food and physical activity.


Side effect of oversleeping

Generally problem depression is related to insomnia; however 15 % of depression cases are related to oversleeping.  Too much sleeping can really make your depression worse. Where in some cases sleep deprivation can help in recovery process to depression.

Heart problem

Side effect of oversleeping

Health Study of Nurses’s include approximately 72,000 women, which shows that women who sleep 9 to 11 hours per night have 38 % more chances of coronary heart problem than women sleep 8 hours.  It is also one the worse Health effects of oversleeping.

Earlier death

Side effect of oversleeping

It is one the worse health risk of oversleeping. As per the study people who sleep more than 8 hours every night are related with a 1.3 times greater risk of death among the 1,382,999 different studies.

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