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10 Kitchen Tips you need to know

Cooking is very good thing. We all are not good in cooking. It is very helpful to us when our parents are not with us and at that time of cooking. When we are not at home and our parents are not cook  for us, at that time we must cook. Cooking is not difficult task.When you start cooking then you feel it is new task but after sometimes you realize that it is very easy task.But while cooking you must take care about thing.You must know some tricks and tips by which we can easily cook.Some cooking tips is really helpful us.So here we give Most important Kitchen tips you must know.So let’s have look…

10 Most important Kitchen tips you must know:

Pasta Made Easier:

Kitchen Tips

It is very good Kitchen tips for pasta lovers. If you 1st soak pasta, you will be able to cook it up even faster. If pasta is soak before cooking than it takes less time for cooking.

Boiling Water:

Kitchen Tips

It is very important Kitchen tips when we boil some water or milk. We all phase while boiling milk or water and after sometimes due to our careless or overcook it come out of pane. Then we give tips that use while boiling water. You can just put wooden spoon across pot or pane and by using this water or milk is not running out of pot.

Kitchen Space Advice:

Kitchen Tips

Now a days we our kitchen space is small.Then we sometimes suffer.You can simply use your kitchen drawers and put your cooking board on it.So can easily cut the vegetables and other things  and feels your kitchen bigger space.So it is very good and useful Kitchen tips.

Use Tinfoil:

Kitchen Tips

You can use Tinfoil for keep something fresh. you can put things like, Celery, Lettuce and Broccoli in Tinfoil. By using Tinfoil for Celery, Lettuce and Broccoli are fresh for long time.So use this Kitchen tips.

Make sweet Bread easily:

Kitchen Tips

Do you ever made sweet bread from ice cream and floor?.Yes it’s true .It is very easy to make it.1st you need 2 cups of ice-cream and 1.5 cups of floor.Then mix both ice cream and floor until they moistened. Then take a tin and greased tin. Then pour all mixture in the tin and bake the mixture for 45 mintues at 180 degree. After that your sweet bread is ready.

Use Vinegar for keep Berries fresh:

Kitchen Tips

This is very useful Kitchen tips. For keep barriers fresh ,clean and mold free that soak the berries in vinegar. Use this tips for keep berries fresh for a longtime.

Avocado tips:

Kitchen Tips

We do not sometime whether avocado is ripe or not. Then use this  Kitchen tips.You just remove it’s top. If it is brownish then it is ripe and if it is yellow then it is just perfect.

Clean your Blender:

Kitchen Tips

This very useful and important Kitchen tips for all of us.We know that Blender cleaning is one of the difficult task.By using this tips you can easily cleaning your blender within a minutes.You can simply put some soap,water,whirl  it up and then rinse.After that your task is done and blender is easily clean with this tips.

Keep fresh herbs with the ice tray:

Kitchen Tips

We all phase this problem that how to keep herb fresh for a long time.Then here we give one Kitchen tips and using this tips you keep your herbs fresh for longtime.Do one thing take a ice tray.Put the herbs in the tray and pour some olive oil in the tray and freeze it.By this way you can keep herbs fresh.

Electric Whisks and Paper Plates:

Kitchen Tips

We all suffers this problem while we blend something like liquid or something else.Then use plastic or paper dish to prevent splatters while using Electric Whisks.So this also very useful Kitchen tips.

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