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Best way to reuse plastic bottle for home decoration

Reuse plastic bottle is also beneficial to conserve natural resources, particularly oil that is non-renewable natural resource which is available only in limited supply. Reuse of plastic bottle can also help to decrease number of plastic water bottle which ends up as litter in road and water. Reuse of Plastic water bottle can help to decrease the waste and also reduce landfill crowding, reduce pollution and save energy. So here we provide 26 Amazing ideas of reuse plastic bottle.

All most all the plastic bottles are reusable. Instead of wasting plastic bottle, you can reuse plastic bottle in some creative, fun and crafty way. Whenever you search for best way to decorate your home and office or when you need some low cost craft, then reuse plastic bottle is the best, functional and impressive choice to decorate your home. For example one great reuse plastic bottle is to make Vertical Garden for your home. Other great way to reuse plastic bottle is to make great baskets. In those baskets you put anything such as school supplies, knickknacks or anything else which can fit in this basket.

Benefits of Plastic bottle reuse

  • It will help to reduce pollution
  • Reduce greenhouse effects
  • Save energy
  • Reduce Landfills problem
  • Save Money

Below is the list of 26 creative way to reuse plastic bottle

Vertical Garden


Made Broom using Plastic Bottle 

Lovely mosaic from caps of left by hurricane sandy

reuse plastic bottle

Spoon Lamp

Jewellery stand  

Cherry Blossom Paint stamp

Parking canopy

reuse plastic bottle

Bouquet Lamp

Christmas tree

Cute planter

Intricate Bottle Vase

Durable Purse

Sci-Fi Rocket Jet Pack

Hanging Chandelier

Lake Boat

Pencil or Marker Stand

Solar Light Bulb

Ottoman seat


Bottle Cap Decoration

Bird Feeder

Napkin Ring

Magazine Holder

reuse plastic bottle

Piggie bank

Decorative Containers

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