Popular Water Parks in the World

Popular Water Parks in the World

We all visit the water parks at least one time. Summer is running and it’s also summer vacation time. So we all plan to go outsides in the vacation. We all plan go spent our vacation at some hill station or at beaches and sweltering hot days spent splashing around in water. For adventure, sometimes we visit the water parks around us. In the water parks there are many water slides which feel us very chill and cool in hot summer. There are many water parks around us. So let’s have look Top 10 Famous Water Parks in the World which is given as below.

List of Water Parks:


Aquatica is one of the Famous Water Parks in the World. It is located in Orlando, Florida. It is one huge wave pool, so they built two, side by side. In this water park visitors interact with animals such as dolphins while closure down see-through water slides. There is also sandy beach covered with 1360 tons of soft, white sand and South Seas motivated gardens with more than 60,000 varieties of plants.

Aquaventure Water Park:

This Middle East Water parks is home to the World’s Widest Water Slide. It has Middle East’s longest river ride (2.3 km in length) and the Middle East’s longest zip line. This water park is located in Dubai, UAE. Other attractions of this are several water coasters, a 2296 foot long (700 meters) private beach and the Shark Lagoon where visitors can hand-feed rays.

Wild Wadi:

The UAE water park in Dubai features 8 Master Blaster Water coasters, a pair of stationary wave machines, a heated and cooled wave pool and one of the tallest (108 feet) and fastest (50 mph) free fall water slides in the world.

Blizzard Beach:

The Walt Disney World water park in Orlando, Florida. This water parks has the melting ski resport theme boasts which is one of the World’s tallest (120 foot) and fastest (60 mph) slides as well as the world’s longest white-water fast-moving water raft ride.

Splashin Safari (Indiana):

This is one of the Top 10 Famous Water Parks in Santa Claus. If you going to this water park you will surely feel that your heart stop with a ride on the world’ longest water coasters, effectively named mammoth and Wildebeest, 2 of prized rides that lend Splashin Safari. Wildebeest’s remarkable track of underground tunnels and drops and its clipping speed of 36 feet-per second.

Yas Water world (Abu Dhabi, UAE):

The UAE water world has an Arabian fancy theme with a back story that celebrates the region’s pearl diving heritage. It’s closest to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Marina Circuit. It has the World’s first hydro-magnetic powered water slide. The 245$ million Abu Dhabi water park features two water coasters, a pair of stationary wave machines, a looping slide, a water dropping suspended roller coaster and a SplashQuest interactive game.

Wet n Wild Water World:

This is one of the Biggest Water parks in World in Austrlia.He park features some of the most thrilling water rides in the world, including a 4 person funnel slide, many full loop slides and water rollercoaster.

Watercube Waterpark (Beijing):

All of the rides at Watercube Waterpark were designed overseas and shipped in. In this water park visitors enjoy funnel-shaped Tornado ride, Aqualoop slide and Bulletbowl, where riders shoot down an enclosed slide into a huge bowl. Visitors should keep an eye out for the enormous jellyfish and clouds of bubbles suspended from the ceiling.

Siam Park:

Siam Park is located in the Canary Island. The Spanish water park features the Tower of Power slide through tanks of sharks and stingrays, the highest waves (10 feet) of any wave pool in the world and a river rafting ride. The Thai theme of the water park extends to the food offerings.

World Waterpark (Alberta, Canada):

World Waterpark has the World’s largest indoor wave pool, 17 water slides and attractions and a 452-foot (138 meter) zip line that runs the length of the wave pool with 2.7 million gallons of water. The attractions of the water park are a looping water slide and Blue Thunder, a bungee jump tower suspended over the wave pool.

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