How to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage

How to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful phase for any married couple. But it’s also true that life changes many after wedding. Even weight gain is one of most common problem. Gaining weight after marriage is commonly seen in a lot of of the couples, both men & woman. There are many ways to Prevent Weight Gain after Wedding. Weight gain chances are more after marriage and it starts after honeymoon. Particularly women during their first six months after wedding put on extra weight. This happens because of the uncertain dieting before the marriage or it can be because of settling in long term unhealthy habits. Several women even say that after they have gained weight the love in their relationship has lost. So here is some Easy Steps to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage.

Some Reasons for Post Wedding Weight Gain:-

During first few months after your marriage, you cannot say no to things like lunch or dinners & lots of more. Some Causes of Post Wedding Weight Gain is listed below:

Change in your Lifestyle:

Certainly you can notice huge changes in your life style after marriage. You will start compromising on your health & everything that you do like avoiding exercise and morning walks for the sake of spending time with your life partner. All this starts in your life after marriage and because for new person in your life. This results in putting overweight to your body.

Eating Habits may Change:

Once you are married, you begin giving in to the food cravings of your life partner. Most of the times, two of you prefer to have your meals together that leads to over eating too. In addition, you tend to cook more lavishly for your partner. This menu frequently includes the foods that stimulate weight gain. Because women’s appetite & metabolism are different from men, this eventually adds up weight.

Ways to Control Weight Gain after Marriage:-

Proper Diet:

How to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage

This is one of the best Ways to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage. Diet plan plays a very vital role in losing weight post wedding. Have a proper & balanced diet. Have a balanced quantity of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate and protein. Have less junk food or street food. Try to include raw veggies & fruit salads in your meal that will fulfil half of your stomach.

Exercise Regularly:

How to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage

Another Ways to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage include maintain daily exercise. Some simple exercises such as spot jogging & also some exercise for your tummy. This will help you maintain your figure and not grow fat. If you want to make your exercise more interesting then exercise together. This will definitely provide you more energy to exercise more.

Give yourself some time:

How to Avoid Weight Gain after Marriage

It is always not required to spend hours of time with your partner rather as you where new to married life, you can keep up few time for you to plan for your diet, health & other things. Getting married is a wonderful feeling. Don’t spoil it with the fear of weight gain after wedding.

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