Greenest Resort

World’s Greenest Resort

We all visit the Resort near to our city or town. There are many resorts around the world. Some of them are very famous. We visit resorts especially in summer. All the resorts are famous for their speciality like, fitness center, restrurant and all ultra modern amenities. Today we talk about Greenest Resort.Yes; we talk about The Oasis Eco Resort. This resort is Greenest Resort and to be open in 2020.The Oasis Eco Resort will be built in the Liwa region of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) of Abu Dhabi. This resort was designed by London-based Baharash Architecture.

Despite being in a desert, it will be one of Greenest Resorts in the World. Valuable features will include wastewater recycling, a zero-emission zone, and enough solar panels to feed the entirely of the resort’s energy needs. While construction will be start in 2018.

This resort is star shaped resort will surround a spring, which will be used for recreational activities and crop irrigation.

In the Greenest resort it will be 84 luxurious suites and all that are face the spring. The Resort has all ultra Morden amenities like, dining restaurants that use ingredients grown on site, as well as a fitness center and spa.

Greenest Resort

The roof is designed to maximize the resort’s square footage in order to house as many solar panels as possible – 157,000 square feet in all. Those will power 100 % of resort’s energy needs.

Greenest Resort

The resort will utilize wildlife biologists and conservation staff to keep the Oasis Lush and in harmony with its surroundings.

Greenest Resort

The Eco Resort Group sees eco-tourism as beneficial for the environment, community, heritage and economy of Liwa region.

Greenest Resort

A water source, the site, if built, would also generate energy from the solar panels that would cover every roof of the suites.

It’s a true oasis in the UAE’s signature sand dunes and deserts cape.

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