Castor Oil for Regrowing and Thickening Hair and Eyebrows

Castor Oil for Thickening Regrowing Hair and Thickening Eyelashes, Eyebrows

Castor Oil benefits for hair and skin because of its extremely stickiness and thick consistency. Castor oil is popular for re-growing thin eyebrows and hair. Especially the castor oil which is organic, hexane free and cold pressed is applied on eyebrows every night after face wash can help in darkening and thickening eyebrows within a month or two.

Castor Oil for Regrowing and Thickening Hair and Eyebrows

Castor oil is actually high in ricinoleic acid that is a very useful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent that works in a natural manner.  It can help you to keep any fungus and bacteria from slowing down your hair growth.  Like any other oil out there castor oil is also very thick, and therefore helps you to prevent your hair losses just by helping you to coat your hairs and protect them from environmental factors, like sunlight, dust, and therefore keep them from falling out.

It is also rich in omega 9 fatty acids that nourish hairs, hair follicle, and surrounding skin as well.  Castor oil posses a unique capability of deeper penetration, which helps it to nourish deeply in the follicles and pores that produce hair.

Additionally it possesses high gloss, so it gives a shine and lush glossiness to the hair. A bit of it goes a longer way and it’s best to just add a little bit to edges of your hairs rather than of putting it up on the scalp surface if you are simply looking for natural hair smoothening. The shining factor is only applicable to the hair and not the scalp.

Castor Oil for Regrowing and Thickening Hair and Eyebrows

Just put 2 drops on hands and rub, and then try smoothening through the edges of the hair. Avoid using too much of it because there is a fine line between heavy greasiness and subtle shining. Therefore go very light unless you find the quantity is working right according to your hair type.

If you want to re grow the hair on the head, castor oil is also helpful for your scalp treatment. However it can be difficult to get it without thinning it by mixing it with some lighter oil like coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and the like.

Castor Oil for Regrowing and Thickening Hair and Eyebrows

If your target is to simply thicken your hairs thinning at hairline edges you can use the purest form of castor oil, with gentle hands. Another use of castor oil is to apply it to the eyelashes to help strengthening and thickening them.Visit for More Details Here www.Reviewlr.Com

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