Summer health tips

10 Amazing Summer health tips to stay healthy in summer

Summer is great season to go outside and enjoy weather, but in summer you may have risk of many health issues such as a skin cancer, heat stroke, food poisoning, eye damage, fatigue, dehydration, bug bites, fireworks injury etc. So it is vital to follow some summer health tips to live healthy beautiful life in summer. Summer have hot, long and lazier days. Stay healthy and fit during summer may not be easy, but your life maybe feels less disordered by using some summer health tips.

Mostly everyone have vacation during summer, so it is great time to get better health in a fashion so seasonally laid back you will hardly see the effort. Summer comes with many health and skin problem, so it’s time to change food and other healthy tips. There are many summer health tips, but here we talk about the Top 10 Health Tips for summer.

Below is the list of Top 10 Health Tips to beat summer heat to live cool.

Drink a lot of water

Summer health tips

It is first Summer health tips that drinking large amount of water. During summer heat and sweat your body may dehydrated. Less of water is harmful for your body and it can also make you food crave, but actually you are not hungry. During summer it is important to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water.


Summer health tips

During summer your dead skin cells are increase, so it very important to exfoliate your skin, so your skin become smooth and silky. You can simply use loafer to make your own exfoliation lotion using some handful of oatmeal, milk and yoghurt. It is one of beast summer tips for beautiful skin.

Wash your hand regularly

Summer health tips

During season germs are live more at everywhere. You can contact with those germs from countertops to handles of door. You must good hand wash, which can protect you from different infection, those occur due to germs. So it is good wash hand frequently and stay away from germs, which can causes summer infection.

Use sunglasses

Summer health tips

It is one most important summer health tips to protect your eyes during summer. It is very important to protect your eye during working, playing or go outside in hot day. You must wear sunglass, which block at least 99 % of UV A and B rays. Sunglass can help to reduce cataracts and also prevent wrinkles in eyes area.

Eat breakfast

Summer health tips

Breakfast is very vital food for whole day. Must take care about you and your child must eat high nutrition food, which can help to physical health for full day and also help you bone, muscle and growth of brain. It is one the best summer health tips for children.

Use sunscreen

Summer health tips

You must use sunscreen lotion to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Person who has sensitive skin they must use sunscreen which are mineral based. Stay away from sun during 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM to reduce UV radiation.  It is most impotent Beauty tips for summer.

Wear cotton clothes

Summer health tips

 Cotton cloths can let skin breathe and also reduce perspiration. Prickly heat can cause sweat loving bacteria, so must stay cool to reduce or remove infection. Cotton clothes are the best choice to wear in summer.

Get lots of rest

Summer health tips

During hot summer, it is vital take some rest to stop heat exhaustion when you play outside, take regular shaded break. You must get 8 to 10 hours sleep to all night for recuperation and growth. It is also Best tips to stay healthy during summer.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetable

Summer health tips

You must take care about your plate’s ½ part is filled with fruit and vegetable during lunch time and also during breakfast and dinner. Take liquid which contain glucose, which help you to improve energy and stay strong against summer heat. It is one the best summer health tips.

Avoid spicy food

Summer health tips

During summer try to avoid eating extremely spicy and hot food, it can causes heat inside body. Heat inside your body can causes some health issue such as burning in stomach. It is also summer health tips to live healthy during summer and to enjoy summer holydays.

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