8 Horrifying Things found living inside the human body
8 Horrifying Things found living inside the human body careinfo.in

8 Horrifying Things found living inside the human body

Human body is most amazing thing, work by many cells with different microorganisms living inside body, but sometime some unwelcome or strange Things found living inside the human body, which life horrifying and inconvenient that normal life. In some cases Doctor found Weird thing in human body, so here we provide list Terrible Things found living inside the human body.

Cockroaches in man ears canal

A night teen year’s old man in china was awoken one night with pain and itchiness in his right ear. When visiting doctors, he & his doctors, were astonished and shocked to find out that the reason for his discomfort was an infestation of cockroaches. The doctors speculate that a female cockroach had entered his ear some weeks earlier and laid her eggs. 25 baby cockroaches were found and extracted from the man ear, now in time saving his hearing and possible damage to the ear canal /Removal cockroach bodies from ears canal.

3 Inch Fish allegedly found live in Boy Lung

Live fish found inside Indian boy’s lungs. You are almost certainly heard of an unsafe game children play where they down live fish as a show of machismo or something. 12 year old Anil Barela approximately died playing the game when he swallowed a fish once, only to choke and have it go down his wind canal and into his lung. He had to go through emergency hospital as the 9 cm fish in his lung had cause oxygen levels to drop dangerously low. Barely recovered fine after the surgery and after the fish was removed live.

Spider Found Living in Woman Ear

Li Meng from China was plagued for weeks with a haunting scratching sound that no one else seemed to be able to hear. Doctors discovered that a small spider had burrowed its way deep into Li’s ear, even spinning a web in her ear canal. Attempts to remove it caused it to react violently, bite Meng and burrow deeper into her ear. Doctors eventually removed the spider safely after pacifying it with syrup.


Maggots in man scalp

The lumps turned out to be 5 botfly maggots a particularly aggressive species of fly indigenous to certain regions of South America. A female fly had apparently bitten Dallas on the head, and proceeded to lay her eggs in the open wound. Lets watch Below video Huge Botfly Maggot Removed from Head..

Fish swims into boy penis

Doctors in India treated a 14 year old boy who had a 2cm fish living inside his bladder. It had lived in his bladder, swimming about, causing intense pain for days before he sought medical aid.

Eel in man intestine

A 59-year-old man in China had been experiencing searing pains in his abdomen days and severe anal bleeding for days before going to seek medical help.

19 CM Long Worm From Mans Eye

Loiasis is a condition caused by nematode worms. It is transferred through a deerfly vector and is most likely to occur during the rainy season in the rain forests of West and Central Africa. Lets watch below video of Removing A 19 CM Long Worm From Mans Eye..

Leech in woman nose

24 year old Daniela Liverani from Scotland had been suffering heavy nosebleeds for weeks. Having recently been in a motorcycle crash, she assumed the bleeding was caused by a burst blood vessel, sustained during her accident. ..

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