Stretches for tight shoulder

10 Simple Stretches for tight shoulder

Shoulder of human is best bio-mechanically difficult joints because it has greatest range of motion in the body. Shoulder contain number of muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels surrounding shoulder and give you flexibility and support, however it also makes area prone to tightness and injury.  Doing Stretches for tight shoulder daily, especially before strenuous exercise like upper body can help you to reduce the risk of muscle strain and other injuries. There are many Stretches for tight shoulder, but here we give Top 10 Stretches for tight shoulder.

Causes of tightness in shoulder are work on computer, lifting kids, repetitive movements or intense exercise routine. Some anger, resistance, stress, guilt or shame can also make shoulder tension. Stretches for tight shoulder are chine Retraction, shoulder rolls, Cow-face pose, shoulder rotation, standing wall stretch, T Y and I movements, arm circles, Tread the Needle, sphinx pose with arm extension, angular neck stretch, standing wall stretch, cross body arm stretch, Neck stretches, low-back hand clasp, Reverse Prayer Pose.

Below is the list of Stretches for tight shoulder

Neck Stretches

Stretches for tight shoulder

Bend right ear to right shoulder. Place right hand over left temple and add some extra pressure by gently pulling the head to right. Left hand can rest at your side, reach behind your back or hold bottom of a chair to raise stretch. Do for 30 seconds and repeat it on other side.

Cross body Arm stretch

Stretches for tight shoulder

Cross a straight left arm across chest and use right hand to gently pull left upper arm near to your body. Do it for 10 to 5 second, relax and repeat on opposite side. It is one the best Stretches for tight shoulder.

Angular Neck stretch

Stretches for tight shoulder

Turn your head to 45 degree to left and look down in the direction of your armpit. Reach left hand over top and back of head with elbow pointing in 45 degree plane, the put some pressure through face down toward the armpit. Right hand can rest at your side, get behind your back or hold bottom of chair to increase stretch. Do it for 3 times every side.

T Y and I movements

Stretches for tight shoulder

Simply make your body in T shape and maintain your arms and back in contact with wall, then continue to make your body in Y shape, then make your body in I shape, touching thumbs overhead. It one of Easiest Stretches for flexible shoulder.

Shoulder Rotation

Stretches for tight shoulder

Take back to wall and bring both elbow out to 90 degree, without moving elbow position, turn right arm upward, so back of the right hand can touch wall and left arm downward, so left palm touches wall. Bit by bit switch arms for about 30 second and try to maintain arms at 90 degrees throughout.

Arm Circles

Stretches for tight shoulder

Stand up straight and make big slow circle using your arm. Now go close to wall in perpendicular way as you can go. Now repeat 10 times in every direction before turning other way to rotate opposite arm. It is also one of popular Stretches for tight shoulder.

Sideline Thoracic Rotation Stretch

Stretches for tight shoulder

Lie on your right side and bent leg flexibly, so spine is neutral and right arm is straight and perpendicular to body. Using left arm on top of right arm, push left arm slightly forward first, then lift it straight up and rotate it back, making big arch in air. Now let arm fall as far as to left side, without allowing your hips to move in arm direction and permit your nose and gaze to follow left arm, now turn neck to left side. Slowly move and maintain this position for few second at the and it retiring to beginning position. Do this for 10 times, go for other side.

Sphinx poses with arm extension

Stretches for tight shoulder

Lie face down on floor and bent arm at your side and palms on floor about even with your chest, fingertips facing forward. Now peel your chest up and leave your hand in same position and feel and arch in upper back only. Maintain elbow squeezed close to your body side. Raise right hand off ground and straighten right arm, bring bicep in line with ear, only if it possible.  Stay on this position for 5 second, after that lower right arm and repeat on other side.

Shoulder Rolls

Stretches for tight shoulder

Stand-up straight and make proper alignment, then roll your shoulder up, then back, after that down in a fluid motion. You can repeat this for 10 times and after then do reverse shoulder roll, roll shoulder forward for 10 times. It is one of Easiest Stretches for tight shoulder.

Towel Stretch

Stretches for tight shoulder

First hold one end of 3 feet long towel at the back and grab opposite end with other hand. Put towel horizontal. Now use arm to pull arm upward to stretch it. You do this by draping towel over your shoulder. Hold bottom of towel with arm and pull it toward lower back with arm. Repeat this for 10 to 20 times per day.

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