Red Rice Health Benefits

Red Rice Health Benefits and nutrient value     

Red rice is unhulled rice, which means that remove only outer hard husk and leave the inner of rice intact. Flavour of it slightly nutty flavour and feels course in mouth. This rice has high nutrient value due to germ of rice if left intact. This rice mostly grown in Asia and tends to be fairly costly due to yields tend to be low but of high quality. Red rice is unpolished rice which is rich source of nutrition as compare to white rice and polished rice. It contain high amount of fiber, vitamin B1 & B2, iron and calcium. Due to high nutrient content and contain more health advantage of red rice. It is best for heart and diabetics patients. Person who have liver problem and pregnant women never eat Red rice. Side effect of it is gas, heartburn and dizziness.

Benefits of red rice are control blood sugar level, reduce bad cholesterol level, help to maintain serotonin, red blood cells, create DNA cell, Heart health, reduce obesity, protect from asthma, maintain bone health etc. There are many Nutrition benefits of Red Rice, but here we provide 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Rice.

Below are the list Top 10 health benefits of Red rice 

High source of vitamin B6

Red Rice Health Benefits

It is great source of vitamin B6, which is needed for process of organ. Vitamin B6 is needed to for maintain the development of serotonin. It is also beneficial for red blood cell and help to create of DNA cells. It is one of the Best Health Benefits of Red Rice.

Maintain blood sugar level

Red Rice Health Benefits

It had low glycemic index. Glycemic index is a number which indicate potential to increase blood sugar which comes from carbohydrate, so it is help to maintain levels of blood sugar and insulin development. It is also great source of energy which required for healthy body.

Antioxidant Reduce free radicals

Red Rice Health Benefits

It is great source of iron or manganese. Manganese is very vital to producing energy for body, which is important element of enzyme. It is antioxidant which protects body from free radicals which are formed energy produce. It is also high in zinc, which help to heal wound fatly and also keep immune system of body. Iron, manganese and zinc are rich in antioxidant which can protect you from free radical which can damage cells and tissues in body.

Reduce heart problem

Red Rice Health Benefits

High quantity of low density lipoprotein or LDL in blood can cause plaque build-up in arteries wall. It can reduce a size of arteries and may block coronary artery, which can cause heart attack. By reducing bad cholesterol level in body can reduce the chances of heart attack.

Protect from asthma

Red Rice Health Benefits

It is the great source of magnesium, which can help to maintain general breathing pattern. Daily eating the red rice can help you to remove or reduce asthma. Protect from asthma is also Amazing Benefits of Red rice.

Bone health

Red Rice Health Benefits

Red rice is the best source of magnesium, which is very important for good bone health. It is vital nutrient, which required to making healthy bone and deficiency of magnesium can causes osteoporosis and low bone density.

Reduce Constipation

Red Rice Health Benefits

Red rice is great source of fiber, one quarter cup of it contain approximately 2 grams of fiber. Fiber is famous for its ability to reduce and prevent the problem of constipation and also improve the process of bowel. It also helps to maintain energy level of your body, which is required for daily process of body.

Reduce obesity

Red Rice Health Benefits

It can help to reduce the wish to eat because it can feel fuller for the long time. It also gives energy to your body and also helps to your digestion system. It is completely fat free food. Daily eating of it can reduce the chance of obesity. Reduce obesity is Great Benefits of Red Rice.

Reduce High Cholesterol

Red Rice Health Benefits

As per the study it is effective to reduce blood level of cholesterol. It contains monacoline K. It is same as lovastatin within prescription medicine cholesterol reducing medicine, mevacor.  Red yeast rice with substantial dosage of lovastatin is an unproved medicine.

Beauty Benefits of Red Rice

Red Rice Health Benefits

Red rice is loaded with anti oxidants which are highly needed for healthy skin. Eating red rice can help to reduce fine line and wrinkle on skin. It can tighten and firm skin. It can also reduce damage brought on through UV ray which can causes wrinkles.

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