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Top 10 most dangerous sports in world which may causes death

Games or sport are the best way to do exercise for healthy body and also for mind. Sport is the best source of entertainment for participates and for viewer which like game. There many types of sports are available in the world. Some sports are relaxing where some sports are challenging. There is always danger level comes in sport, but in some most dangerous sports  can be athlete close enough to death. So here are some most dangerous sports in world. Dangerous sports are Base jumping, hurling, heli-skiing, scuba diving, cheerleading, cave diving, bull riding, bull running, big wave surfing, high altitude mountaineering, street luge, motorcycle racing, mountain climbing, rugby, BMX, white water rafting, horseback riding etc. Those most dangerous sports can causes harmful physical injure and also causes death. Here we is Incredibly most dangerous sports in world.

It is very difficult to rank the most dangerous sports based on danger, particularly since no sport committee wants to emphasize on danger of sport. Many people are drawn to these most dangerous sports, due to adrenaline rush and kick they get from this. These world’s most dangerous sports are not for faint hearted.

Below is the list of most dangerous sports in world

Big-wave surfing


It is a discipline of surfing, in that surfing maestros paddle into or are towed onto waves of height of at least 20 feet. Most popular crown is ride an intimidating 100 foot wave which provide $100,000 prize. Big hazards of this sport contain drowning and being pulled into water by current or even have head smashed against hidden underwater rocks. So it is including in the list of most dangerous sports in world.

BASE jumping

BASE part is really an acronym for making antenna, span and Earth, meaning cliff. BASE jumping has fixed structures from that individual hurling themselves. This is also most dangerous sports and it is exciting due to its sounds, speeding by air with wind running by a chance of being thrashed by wind. This game is illegal in many countries.

Scuba diving

It is become common term, as scuba us an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, which is used by a diver for breathing underwater. Sound of it is wonderful, but it comes with its perils. If ascent from a dive is too fast then it can causes decompression illnesses, which contain bends and also causes spinal cord, brain and lung failure. There is also risk of being attacked by stray sharks or other underwater creatures.

Cave diving

It is also comes in the list of dangerous sports which involves underwater diving in cave with partial water content. Instead of using regular scuba equipment, it uses a different range of equipment, based on circumstances. Main hazards of this sport are caused my lighting failure and low visibility that can lead to division from partner. Air loss is also other risk, particularly due to one cannot rise to the surface to catch air or might smash his head.


It is sport of cycle and there is special kind of bikes are used, which are known as BMX bike. Offshoots of this sport are bicycle stunts on vertical ramp and flatland. It required cyclist to perform combination of acrobatics while he is astride BMX bike. When bikers to do trick no one else have ever done before, they are likely to face injuries or even concussions, besides cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Street Luge

It is also comes in most dangerous sports. It is same as skateboarding, except rider is in supine situation on luge board or sled, as he/she dashes down a paved road at extremely high speed. Legality of gravity power activity is shady issue. Every participate must put on protective leathers and helmets otherwise have chances of getting smashed by vehicles which will not observe riders.


Heli-skiing is off trails, downhill snowboarding or skiing, accessed by a helicopter. Loving clients of these most dangerous sports even reserve year in advance to leap onto snow on peaks far away from human inhabitation and then ski down. They ignore completely possibility of being stranded by weather change, or being killed by avalanche.

Bull riding

It is a rodeo sport and also one of the most dangerous sports, in which rider mounts a large bull and tries to stay atop of bull. It is considered as one of favourite sport with extremely macho men who love to boast about their high testosterone level and also ready to take pain for sake of it. In this bull which may have weight up to 1800 pounds can trample the fallen rifer.

White water rafting

It is perilous outdoor process in which an inflatable raft is used as vehicle to navigate white water. Wild water poses pressure of tossing contestants and smashing them into rocks. Foot entrapment can entangle contestants if he or she falls off and also make difficult to dislodge easily. During these dangerous sports people may have general injuries like broken bones or twisted knees. Environment is different and brings new challenges to contestants.

Mountain Climbing

It is also comes in the list of most dangerous sports. Mountain climbing is generally content risky activity of climbing up and down the highest of natural rocks such as mountains. Each and every part of this sport is very risky. Climber can receive various physical injuries such as twisted ankles, sprained muscles, torn ligaments, broken bones, back injury, concussion, or frostbite at the time of heavy physical activities. Weather changes can be lethal, you may lose path simply and may cause death.

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