International Women Day

International Women Day

What is International Women Day????????

International Women Day (IWD) is also known as International Working Women’s Day. Women Day is celebrated on 8th March every year. International Women Day is an occasion which celebrates women’s achievements from the political to the social while calling for gender impartiality. It has been experimental since the 1900s and is now known each year on 8th March.

On the International Women Day all across the world in various religions of the country in order to focus the achievements and contributions of the women in the society. The celebration of this event different from county to county. Generally it is celebrated to provide respect to whole women fraternity, appereicate them to express love for them. As women are the most important part of the society and play a great role in the economic, political and social activities.

This year there is a Google Doodle marking the celebration featuring women and girls across the world who complete the sentence ‘One Day I will …..’ talking about their dreams and goal. Google visited 13 countries and spoke to 337 women to create the video their goals varied from ‘Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas’ to ‘giving a voice to those girls who can’t speak’.

So let’s have look about Facts about the International Women Day that you should know:

8 Facts about the International Women Day:

Not always celebrated on 8th March:

International Women Day

Now some of the places where there is holiday on 8th March the International Women Day, but for 1st 5 years, it was celebrated on 28th February. Then in 1913 and 1914 Russian Women celebrated International Women Day on the last Sunday in February. It has since transferred to an annual celebration on the 8th March.

Meaning of the Holiday has change:

International Women Day

International Women Day began as a huge objection by women who wanted better working conditions, good salary and the right to vote. But since then, the holiday has change into a day of alertness on the women’s progress in the ongoing fight for gender impartiality, and a day to address issues across the world that directly affect Women.

Official Holiday:

International Women Day

It is an official holiday in over 25 countries. International Women Day is now an accepted holiday in 27 countries. This includes Chaina, Vietnam, Uganda, Afghanistan, Cuba and Russia.

Celebrate whole month as an International Women Day:

International Women Day

The United State (US) now uses the whole month of March to celebrate Women’s History. We definitely deserve a whole month.

Hillary Clinton helped this holiday regain its relevance:

International Women Day

Before Clinton starting her current president campaign, she starts the ‘100 Women Initiative: Empowering Women and Girls through International Exchanges’ in 2011as a way to celebrated Women all over the World.

Google loves the Women:

International Women Day

As we spoke before Google make video of 337 on the International Women Day. You can also check the Google’s Homepage on 8th March as it continuous to respect International Women Day each year with a themed doodle.

Not celebrated by Women only:

International Women Day

International Women Day is not celebrated by women but celebrated by all around world. President Barack Obama was responsible for making March Women’s History Month, starting in 2011.And even though International Women Day was created by women for women it is honoured each year by more and more men who understand the importance of gender impartiality. The more the merrier.

Take Action:

International Women Day

There are many ways that you can be part of the International Women Day this year. International Women Day’s website offers opportunity to take actions, including a promise, ways to host your own gender parity event and information on why this is such a World requirement. So do your part and keep this amazing celebration going strong each year.

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