Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi

We all use internet for many purpose in our day to day life. Google is replacing the old ways to offer customers access to the internet. In 2010, the company launched Google Fiber. Google Fiber is distributing low cost, gigabit internet access to particular regions. Compared to the pseudo control the cable internet companies have set up, the Google Fiber approach may already be changing what types of internet speeds existing service providers offer and the costs.

Google recently announced the Project Fi which will be available for anyone to sign up. It is very good project by Google. So here we give the information about the Google’s Project Fi.

How to set up the Future Calling of Google Project Fi

Morden Wirless Carrier:

Google Project Fi can be classified as an MVNO.Google has joined the help of Sprint and T-Mobile’s cell towers to provide users the best of both worlds. The search company also propose a data only for those who are not interested in making calls. With many service subscribers rarely use the phone portion of their smartphones. This could demand to those who use Skype, Facebook calling or other VoIP solutions.

Requirement for use Project Fi:

For using Project Fi you will require a specific sim card that Google sends you, even if you would like to port over your current number. The service does not ask you to sign any agreement but you will need to bring your own phone.

Wi-Fi handoff of calls is default:

Keeping with the modern carrier matter, Fi can toss calls back and forth between Wi-Fi and 4G without disrupting the conversation. The Feature of Fi a default one. So users do not require updating software.

The transition from cellular to Wi-Fi is near identical while talking on the phone.

To know Wi-Fi networks, Google also collect a list of Wi-Fi networks they have “verified as fast and reliable” looking at a network’s speed and quality to decide whether it should switch from cellular.

Aside from the initial switch call being mostly identical mid conversation served as a positive and negative. While it lead to a satisfactory phone experience, Wi-Fi call didn’t seem very clearer than normal than cell. Though at the very least it saves you from using data.

The pricing model doesn’t make using data a huge deal:

Instead of using data with Project Fi is not much a big agreement. Each Project Fi options offer unlimited domestic calls, unlimited international texts along with coverage in 120 countries and it have ability to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. But the element is that carrier’s requires to take a lesson from is Fi’s unused data policy.

Each gigabyte of data will cost you 10$ per month.1 GB per month costs 10$ and every level of data another 10$ more than the last 2GB for 20$ and 3GB for 30$. If you fail to use your data capacity then you will get money back for what you don’t use.

Billing information can see within the Fi app and Google’s very much clear as to what you are being charged for. Previous bill, usage information and links to email and 24/7 call support can also be found within this apps.It is also a one of the few Google Service to come with phone support.

NO longer invitation only:

Google’s previously only allowed to select users to make use of its Project Fi service. But after 10 month exclusivity period, it is now open for all. So Google finally ready to shut and take your money.

Only works with newer Nexus devices:

At the moment Project Fi is only for Android. It is not just for Android but every Nexus devices like,LG’s Nexus 5X,Huawei’s Nexus 6P and the older Nexus 6 by Motorola.


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