Gmail tricks to make your life easier

Gmail tricks to make your life easier

Now a days we all use internet and its services. We all aware about the Google and its Gmail service. Many of us have an account in Gmail. With the help of Gmail we can do lots of things. We can send the mail through Gmail, store some important file or folder on Google drive and many more. We all use the Gmail but we don’t know all the functionality of Gmail. With the help of these Gmail tricks we can do lots of things and these tricks make our life very easier. So here we provide the information regarding the 7 Gmail tricks to make your life a lot easier. So let’s look………..

7 Most Useful Gmail tricks to make your life easier:

  • Schedule emails to send at a later time

For Schedule emails to send at a later time first of all we download the CHROME EXTENSION BOOMERANG. Then compose the email. Write the mail and click send later button. Select the Time and day and click on confirm button. BOOMERANG will send the email at the day and time that you specified.

  • SNOOZE Incoming Emails:

You can SNOOZE Incoming Emails. With the help of SNOOZE incoming mails show in your inbox later. For that you select the email(s).Click BOOMERANG and Schedule when you want the email to come back in your inbox. At last click on Confirm button.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts:

For Setting Keyboard Shortcuts you first go to settings. Then go to General setting. After that Find Keyboard shortcuts and Turn Keyboard Shortcuts on. At last click on save changes button. Now you press Shift +? To see all shortcuts.

E: Archive Selected Emails

R: Reply

A: Reply All

!: Mark as Spam

  • Escape a reply all Thread

You can Escape a reply all Thread. For that 1st you click the email Thread. Then Click on More option available on top at the page. The click on the Mute option or press shortcut for Mute “M”.Now you have been removed from the thread.

  • Know when Some Opens your Email

We all suffer this problem when someone opens our mails and we don’t know about it. But here are the options for this problem. For that you download the CHROME EXTENSION SIDEKICK.SIDEKICK tracks your sent Emails. You receive a notification when someone opens your email. And if you send a link, SIDEKICK will tell you if the other person click it or not.

  • UNSEND an Email:

Sometimes we suffers problem that we do want to sent mail but by mistake it sent by us. So here is option for UNSEND email. For that you 1st go to Setting and then go to UNDO SEND. Then click Enable option and pick a cancellation period. At last click on save changes button.

  • Unsubscribe from Email Lists:

For Unsubscribe from Email Lists you 1st Sign up at UNROLL.ME.UNROLL.ME will combine through your inbox. Create a list of every Newsletter you are subscribed to. The select the ones you want to Unsubscribe from.UNROLL.ME can also compile all of your Newsletters into a Single Email. Then Setup “Canned Responses”.Goto settings and Labs option. Then enable Canned Responses and click on save changes button. After that Type a message you generally send.Clcik the Down Arrow. Select Canned Response-> Save new -> give name->click on Ok button.

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