Eating Chocolate make you Smarter

Eating Chocolate make you Smarter

Eating Chocolate more than once in a week can make you Smarter: Chocolate is most favourite foods among children and all of us. Chocolate has many benefits like, it lowers your heart disease, improve your productivity at work, etc. Now according to study Chocolate make you Smarter also.

Eating Chocolate can make you Smarter

Eating Chocolate make you Smarter

According to Researchers from the University of Maine Regular Chocolate Consumption to improved cognitive function. According to study a group of 968 dementia free adults, keep track daily diets over a number of months, including regularly Eating Chocolate.


The researchers were able to find a statistically major correlation between eating Chocolate and a wide range of brain functions, even with concern give to cardiovascular; lifestyle and dietary factors. All cognitive scores were notably higher in those who consumed Chocolate at least once per week than in those who never/rarely consumed Chocolate as well as a number of physical health benefits.

“Regular chocolate eating was related to cognitive performance, measured with a general battery of neuropsychological tests. More regular chocolate eating was notably associated with better performance on Global Composite Score, Visual-Spatial Memory and Organization, Working Memory, Scanning and Tracking, Abstract Reasoning and the Mini-Mental State Examination.”

Chocolate and Cocoa products contains flavonoids, which are naturally happening polyphenolic compound present in plant based foods. These flavonoids have been shown to boost information processing speed and working memory. Other compounds found in chocolate include meythlxanthines, caffeine and theobromine which are known attentiveness and cognitive processing.

Eating Chocolate make you Smarter

The quantity of flavonoids depends on the kind of chocolate. According to study “The amount of cocoa in chocolate ranges from about to 7 to 15 % in milk chocolate, to 30 to 70 % in dark chocolate.100 grams of dark chocolate contains about to 100 mg flavanols while 100 g of unsweetened cocoa powder without meythlxanthines can contains up to 250 mg of flavanols.”

Darker chocolate with its high cocoa content is better than milk and semi sweet chocolate with higher sugar content. Dark Chocolate is more costly however which is why the study discussion suggest that income may have something to do with this association:”It may be considered that higher income persons may purchase and consume more chocolate and in particular dark chocolate, which has a higher flavanols content.”

The relationship between cognitive performance is yet another feather in chocolate’s cap which has long been require as the final comfort food and was used historically to treat a wide range of problem from reducing fever, treating diarrhea and increasing breast milk supply, to improve sexual performance,encourage sleep and cleaning teeth.

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