Beauty Benefits of egg

10 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Egg

Egg is the most favorite breakfast food in world, for not only for their tempting taste but it is easy to cook and also for great Nutrition value of egg. Eggs are the great source of protein, which is essential for health body. White portion of egg contain more than half protein with vitamin b2 and also contain less amount of fat and cholesterol than yolk. White part of egg also include high amount of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and mineral like zinc, iron and copper. There are number of Health Benefits of Egg, but here we provide the Best Beauty Benefits of egg.

Egg is very useful and being used all over world since ancient times. Egg is more popular for beautiful and healthy skin. Beauty benefits of egg are clean your skin deeply, shrink skin pores, remove oil, make tighten skin, remove whiteheads, improve skin tone and also helpful to make your hair shiny, soft and beautiful, improve hair growth. Some of Benefits of egg for hair and skin are given below.

Top 10 Beauty Benefits of Egg

Improve skin tone

Beauty Benefits of egg

You can whip egg till it become frothy and apply it all over face and also at neck. Now wait till it dry and rinse in lukewarm water. Regular use it can help you to improve your tone and to tighten your skin.

Remove excess oil

Beauty Benefits of egg

Egg has dry nature, so it is very helpful to remove excess oil. It helps your skin to absorbing excess oil from skin which helps in decreasing appearance of acne, blemishes and scare. Egg white facial mask also helps to reduce secretion of oil from skin. It can help your skin help to look younger and vibrant.

Reduces eye puffiness

Beauty Benefits of egg

You can take egg and separate egg white in bowl and apply this egg white under your eyes. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse your face with cool water. It can reduce eye puffiness and also remove dark circle under eyes. It is one of best beauty benefits of egg for eye.

Reduce whiteheads

Beauty Benefits of egg

Other great beauty benefits of egg are to remove whiteheads around nose and chin which appear awkward. You can separate egg white in bowl and add lemon. Now apply this mixture where you have white head. It is best solution it whiteheads if used at least for few week.

Reduce wrinkles

Beauty Benefits of egg

It is one great benefits of egg for skin. You can use white egg which tighten your skin and also reduce wrinkle. You can apply white egg mask once in week to remove wrinkles. You can make mixture of egg white, lemon and multani mitti and use as face pack.

Shrink skin pores

Beauty Benefits of egg

Egg contain heavy enzymes and active amino acids which help in rejuvenation of skin by filling skin pores and shrink the size of follicles in order to improve texture and quality of skin. Skin pore are work as channel or reservoir which assemble dirt, grease, oil and dead cells to evolve to whiteheads and acne.

Remove facial hair

Beauty Benefits of egg

Many women have problem of excessive facial hair and wants to remove facial hair naturally. You can beat one egg white and apply this on your face by using brush. Then remove tissue gently once egg has dried. It is also great beauty benefits of egg.

Reduce acne

Beauty Benefits of egg

Oily skin causes acne, so if wants to remove acne then must control oiliness. You can make take one egg and separate egg white. Now you can use cotton or fingertips to apply egg, never use brush to apply egg white.

Soft and Shiny hair

Beauty Benefits of egg

You can use white portion of egg in bowl and whisk good till it rises. Now add tablespoon of lemon juice and apply it to your hair. Now wear shower cap to avoid egg dripping. Wash of once it dried off. After washing your hair, you get soft and shiny hair which is one the great beauty benefits of egg for hair.

Treat oily hair

Beauty Benefits of egg

You can also use egg to treat oily hair. White portion of egg can tighten hair follicles which in revolve to reduce excess sebum and also reduce oily scalp. You can apply egg white and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before wash your hair with shampoo. It is also great benefits of egg for hair.

You can watch below video to know 10 uses egg for skin and hair.

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