Kidney Detox Drink Recipe

3 Amazing Kidney Detox Drink Recipe

Kidney is the great organ. Kidney create hormones, filter blood, absorb minerals, make urine and keep healthy acid-alkaline. We cannot live without kidney. Main function of kidney is to take away overload water from the body, which is useful to retain water when it required. So here we provide kidney detox drink recipe to clean your kidney. Kidney problem can be ignored for the year because it works with little as 20% capacity of it. That’s way the Problem of kidney can know as “The Silent Diseases”.

Our kidney are work 24/7 for use, but if have feeling of fatigue or any sort imbalance in body them your body must required kidney cleanse. So here we provide amazing drink which clean kidney. Here is reason to drink kidney detox drink.

7 reason to detox your kidney

  • When you feel fatigue and more tired than general.
  • If you have some pain in kidney after consuming some foods.
  • When you have skin issue such as eczema, acne or rashes.
  • When have hormonal imbalance or feel extra moody.
  • When you have problem kidney stone on past.
  • When you have weight gain and bloating.
  • When you have recurrent or rare problem of bladder or UTI’s.

Below is recipe of drink to detox kindey

Watermelon Juice

Kidney Detox Drink Recipe

Ingredient to make Kidney Detox Drink

Process to make this Kidney cleansing Drink

  • Mix both in blinder and blend together and then enjoy this amazing juice which cleans your kidney.

Benefits of watermelon juice to clean kidney

  • Watermelon is made of 92 % of water, it means that it can help you to flush kidneys and also help to reduce and remove little kidney stone.
  • Watermelon is also amazing source of potassium and it can helpful to remove kidney stone.

Cucumber and carrot juice

Kidney Detox Drink Recipe

Ingredient to make Kidney Detox juice

  • 1 big cucumber
  • 2 carrots

Process to make this Kidney cleansing juice

  • First clean both carrot and cucumber.
  • Put both in juice and make fresh juice to clean kidney.

Benefits of Cucumber and carrot juice

  • Combination of carrot and cucumber can help in kidney flushing out excess uric acid, which can causes kidney stone.
  • It is helpful to flush out excess toxin and provide high nutrients to your body.
  • This carrot juice is also helping you to make your skin glowing, beautiful.

Radish Kidney Detox Drink

Kidney Detox Drink Recipe

Ingredient to make Kidney Detox Drink

  • 1 cup of cabbage (purple)
  • 1 cup radish
  • 1 rib celery

Process to make juice which detox kidney

  • First clean radish, cabbage and celery.
  • Cut all into small pieces
  • Put all in juice and make fresh juice to clean kidney.

Health benefits of Radish juice

  • Radishes are the great detoxifiers of liver and gallbladder and also help clean kidney.
  • It can also protect you from infection and also have anti-fungal and anti inflammatory properties.
  • This juice is allows your body to absorb nutrients and also help to dissolve kidney stone.

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