Foods avoid during period

8 Worst Foods avoid during period or menstruation

Menstruation is a menstrual cycle part when girls are bleeding from vagina for some days. Girls have their first period at the age of teenage years. Many girls are not aware with what they eat during period time and which Foods avoid during period. Average age of girls start menstruates or period is 12 to 15. The first period of girls is known as menarche. Girls suffer from much discomfort at the time of  period and because of taboo girls go by it very cautiously. Here are 8 Worst Food avoid during period.

During period some girls and women will experience sigh like painful cramp, depressive mood, breast tenderness, bloating and irritability. If you fill same during your period time then you must avoid some Foods avoid during period. So below details of worst Foods avoid during menstruation.

Below are the lists of 8 Worst Foods girls should stop eating during period

Caffeine and alcohol

Foods avoid during period

Food which contain caffeine and alcohol will wok same like a diuretics. So you must avoid foods during period such as coffee, chocolate and soda. Consuming high amount of chocolate can satisfy your sweet craving, but caffeine inside chocolate may have negative effect in your body. You must avoid wine, beer and liquor during period. IF you feel to drink wine then drink large amount water, which keep you hydrated and help body to run smoothly.

Refined sugary food

Foods avoid during period

You also avoid foods which contain refined sugar because it can raises level of blood sugar to a point where you are left feeling cranky and sluggish. So you must eat cereals, cakes, pasta, candy, white bread, white rice and white flour in limited amount. You must try to eat low amount of foods rapidly to whole day. You can eat small meals instead of 3 large meals which can help you to stabilize glucose level. If you want to eat sweet, you eat some vegetable, which can help you to get some energy.

Salty food

Foods avoid during period

Low sodium food can help to reduce problem with bloating and water retention. Foods avoid during period are salted nuts, potato chips and other fast food which contain high sodium. You must try to stop eating from restaurant or fast food outlets.

Process food

Foods avoid during period

You must avoid foods like canned and processed food. Foods avoid during period are cheese product, lunch meats and any packaged foods with more than 200 mg of sodium in every serving.

Fried food

Foods avoid during period

You must avoid food which have large amount of fat like deep fried foods, meat, fatty dairy product and oils. Those foods can raise estrogen level. If levels of estrogen can manage at a stable level, you feel less pan and cramps during your period time.

Ice cream

Foods avoid during period

Ice cream is also comes in dairy product which are high in fat, so it also have same effects as fatty meats. But is you really want a scoop of ice cream, look you can eat non dairy gelato without added sugars.

Red Meat

Foods avoid during period

It also Foods avoid during period because it is high in fat and also stimulate release of cramps causing prostaglandins. Instead of red meant can it fish and lean cuts of poultry and meat during period. It is also comes Foods you should avoid during period.

White grains

Foods avoid during period

Refined grains such as white rice and white flour have same effect to sugar. White grains can cause a drastic spike and drop in blood sugar because their nutrients have been removed.

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