Weird stuffs that happens in your body after your death
Weird stuffs that happens in your body after your death

Weird stuffs that happens in your body after your death

You will be amazed after knowing what happens to your body after your death. It does some really fantastic but weird stuffs. Let’s see what actually happens..!!!

  1. Hair and nails seems to grow even body after your death.

You might have heard this several times that hair and nails grow in coffin but actually they don’t and they can’t. Once your bodily process are stopped,  skin dries out and starts shrinking away from cuticles and hair follicles. Due to this reason your hair and nails seem longer than they actually were.

  1. Your Body becomes stiff like a rock.

“Rigor mortis, or hardening of muscular cells post death, occurs from decrement of ATP, the chemical in our muscles necessary for relaxation of the muscle fibers after a contraction,” says Judy Melinek, M.D., a forensic pathologist and co-author of Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner. ATP is synthesised as a result of oxidation by muscles and makes your muscle’s contractile units to stop. Thus when your breathing stops. It ultimately stops the production of ATP. The microscopic fibers lock up, and your muscles stiffen. Muscles at your face are stiffened first in 2-4 hours of death and then the rest bigger muscles in 6-12 hours.  “This is not like a tense muscle cramp after a marathon, this is epic hard,” says Jeff Jorgenson, director of eco-friendly funeral homeElemental Cremation and Burialin Seattle. However after few days those muscles of your body starts dieing and eventually stiffening is reversed.

  1. You May ‘DIRTY” your pants.

Every muscle in your body eventually relaxes after your death. This also includes  those sphincter tissues that perform the lock down process of your bowels. So you body might expel if there is anything under pressure like your poop or pee. However their amount won’t be heavy as the muscles responsible to force them out are dead. But no tension- afterall you will dead right?

  1. Suddenly your wrinkles will vanish.

This is something which we would love to happen in our body- but obviously in our living days.  Since your muscles lose all tension the moment you die, they stop pulling on your forehead, creating those worry lines you hate so much, says Jorgenson. Essentially, it’s the same reason Botox works. If you’re really old, saggy skin may still be an issue, but atleast your forehead won’t be scrunched.

  1. You May Moan and Groan.

Even after you are dead,  there is a small amount of air left within your lungs and windpipe. If someone forces the chest, by moving or pushing your body, some air can come up your windpipe, rattle your vocal chords, and produce a moaning, groaning, sighing, or squeaking sound, says Jorgenson. However your dead body ain’t gonna Groan untill some sort of pressure is pushing it out.

  1. Some of your part don’t really die for a particular time.

After your heart stops beating and lungs breathing, the whole body don’t actually die upto few hours. However, all the cells don’t die immediately, and there is a window that allows for you to be resuscitated and remain intact—and an even larger window that allows for organ and tissue transplantation. It’s not possible to donate organs such as heart or lungs after your breathing have stopped. However, tissues such as your corneas, skin, bone marrow, and even heart valves even 15 hours after your last breath can be removed and donated.

  1. You become blue

After your death all the blood starts clotting like jellies. Since there’s no flowing of blood after surrender of heart, it settles down and thickens in the lowest body part due to gravity.

If you’re sitting down, that might be your feet and ankles. Or if you’re lying on your back, your booty. If the blood stays there for 12 hours or longer, it will permanently discolour the skin.

  1. Gut bacteria goes goosy

Bacteria present in your intestines which are responsible for better digestion, immunity and other processes exploit all over your body after death Bacteria from the gut and upper-respiratory tract will take benefit of the freedom and travel to other parts of the body using blood vessels as a highway. Thus you would never want to smell a dead body.

  1. Coffin birth

Finally, what on earth could be more frightening than a dead body giving birth? German doctors first documented this phenomenon in the scientific literature and referred to it, then, as “coffin birth.” However, very rarely does a pregnant woman “give birth” after death. Officially referred to as “post mortem feta extrusion,” what actually happens is a fetes is pushed through the vaginal opening of a decomposing pregnant body as a result of pressure from intra-abdominal gases. For this to occur, the fetes must be positioned just so and with the head set to emerge from the womb first. Two strange cases of post-mortem birth have been recorded within the past decade.

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